Fan Friday

Last weekend was my bridal shower. It was filled with wonderful people and it was better than I could have imagined. But there was a definite trend in the gifts I was given–I received not 1, not 2, but 5 different types of tea. But not just any kind of tea, it was DavidsTea.

Fan Friday Presents…DavidsTea!

DavidsTea produces some of the most interesting and flavourful teas I have found. It really was what drove me to have a tea strainer and small containers of tea at work. It is the reason that we have a shoe organizer full of tea hanging off one of our doors. And I do mean full.


As you can see, tons of tea, and most of it is DavidsTea. And it’s this full without the new teas from last weekend.

What’s the best part of tea? How versatile it is. It can be made into syrup, baked into a cake, as well as iced AND in popsicle form. What’s the best part of DavidsTea? Their monthly newsletter. Once a month (ish) you get an email about a new tea, and a delicious looking recipe. There’s other items in the newsletter but I usually gloss those over.

Not sold yet? I understand, there’s a lot of tea stores out there. But maybe looking at this will convince you?

What’s your favourite tea store? Tea flavour?


Tea Syrup and Jewelry

I have many hobbies, and though I love baking, I also love other things, like cute animals and tea. Just like baking, however, it is usually cheaper (and sometimes better) to make these things myself. (I do have a project in the works that involves knitting a tiny cute animal, but I want to wait to post about it until I’ve actually finished it.)

Yesterday, I discovered a recipe that I am eager to try. DavidsTea put a recipe for making tea flavoured syrups in their September 2011 newsletter. I can’t say I’d want to try it with boring tea, but with DavidsTea, oh yes, I’m excited. I have not yet decided which kind to make first, but I’m leaning towards Alpine Punch.

Tea Flavoured Syrup

  • 6 tsp any tea
  • 1 c water
  • 1 c sugar

Directions: “Steep your tea and strain into a small pan. Stir in sugar and simmer on medium-low for 10-15 minutes, until sugar dissolves. Store it in the fridge and drizzle into drinks, over fresh fruit, or right onto a spoon.”

Or put it on ice cream, or pancakes, I think.

Jewelry is also one of my favourite things. Buying it and making it. Making it is fun because then you can give it as very original gifts and people generally are pretty excited that it’s just for them. Recently I found instructions to make a wirework tree pendant. I’m pretty new to the world of wirework, though I have been making earrings and such for awhile. Original instructions are available here from Bead Studio.

There is a penny so you get a sense of scale–it’s not very big. Instead of the gauges in the directions (because I didn’t have them), I used 20g and 26g and it seemed to work out pretty well. I can definitely see the advantage of a thicker gauge for the circular base.

The main reason I wanted to do this is because I love cherry blossom trees, and I wanted to make one that will last year round. In retrospect, I think I would have the circular base ends come out at the top and create a loop with them, instead of trying to make them stay together with the wraps of 26g wire.

Hopefully will get back soon with more baking and maybe even reveal my knitting project!