Being Engaged – Early Days

I have been engaged for just over a month now, and I can honestly say I’ve felt a lot of emotions about getting married–not all of them positive. Not the actually being married part, that I am excited about. No, it’s the wedding planning part. I have been intimidated, overwhelmed, angry, frustrated, excited, happy, creative, thoughtful, etc.

In short, I’ve been stressed. So I got a book, and I started reading some blogs (specifically A Practical Wedding and Offbeat Bride). And not only did it help lower my stress levels, I also learned some stuff!

I started out with the notion that this was our wedding, and we would do it however we wanted. Also, that getting married was merely a formality, since we are already living together and will be legally common law by then. However, I soon realized that it’s not just our wedding, and it’s not just a formality. It is a time for our closest family (and friends) to celebrate that we are starting a new family ourselves. And who we invite will shape how our wedding is, and how we remember it. Those aspects will be way more important than the wedding colours or decorations.

That does not mean that I have not spent a lot of spare time going into picking colours (check!), designing invitations (check!), and all the awesome possibilities for decorations that are available. Do we want real flowers? Fake flowers? Ribbon flowers? Do we want mason jars to be a prevalent theme? There’s so many options and I am really excited to get crafty over the coming year. I also rediscovered how much I love stamping, while designing (and testing out) the invitations! There’s something so satisfying about putting ink on and getting that perfect stamp on the page. And there’s no doubt with the finished product that some time and care was put into it.

All in all, things are looking positive, and I’m sure (hoping) the excitement will bolster me through the rest of the planning to come!



I’m engaged!

Let’s take a moment to appreciate that about 3 years ago I was quite insistent that I would likely never find Mr. Right. Let’s also take a moment to appreciate that we were actually set up by mutual friends, and it worked out. He cooks, I clean, we spend copious amounts of time together, we love, we fight, and together we are pretty awesome. I am very excited to spend the rest of my life with him.

Oh yes, and let’s appreciate the most beautiful ring I’ve ever seen, let alone owned. The stone is a colour change sapphire, which is blue outdoors and purple indoors. Basically the most awesome thing ever. It is also a low profile ring, so I don’t knock or catch it on anything during everyday wear. Yes, definitely the most amazing ring ever.

Unfortunately, I find myself quickly overwhelmed. Elation was quickly tempered with the pressure to inform everyone “important” so no one would feel left out. It was staggering, the number of people that went from asking when he proposed to asking whether we’d set a date yet–even if the proposal date was less than 24 hours ago.

It’s been a week…and I’m stressed.

I will (hopefully) only be engaged once in my life, and it’s something I’ve been looking forward to for awhile–so I want to enjoy it, dammit! So here are some key things I’m going to try and remember:

  1. It’s our wedding
  2. All that’s really necessary is: us, someone to marry us, and, of course, the dress
  3. At the end of this, I will be married to my soul mate ❤

Those will get me through this, right? Right?….Yeah, that’s what I thought. At least I will have lots of opportunities to be creative!