Going for broke…literally?

I apologize for leaving everyone hanging after my frustrated post a few weeks ago. The good news is, we got it! In less than a month we’ll have the keys to our very own place! We are both very excited, and just love the place so much. The bad news is that we’re scraping towards the bottom of the barrel for savings to throw at a down payment at what would otherwise be way too big of a mortgage.

And then…we discovered a miraculous place called the ReStore. A non-profit thrift store full of building supplies and furniture needing some lovin’. In it, we discoverd a chandelier that matches another lighting unit in our new home. Apparently the previous owners didn’t care much for matching lighting, so there are barely any lights that match. And then we discovered a gorgeous solid wood dining set (extendable table and 6 chairs) that just needs a bit of help…okay maybe a bit more than a bit…for $100. Such a good deal! How could we pass that up? We knew we’d need a dining table anyway. I wonder what other cool things they have there…

And then…our car got written off. Yes, that’s right, the always cheap lovely insurance company has decided that a couple of dents in my wonderful, dependable little Echo aren’t worth fixing, and so after 6 glorious years, we have to say goodbye. They are giving us a bit of money for it, but not enough to buy a car that wouldn’t put us in the same position in another year or two. So out of the money for the down payment comes money for a new car. We think we’ve found one, and it’s a cute, slightly bigger zippy car. With features like power windows and a working stereo. Revolutionary, I say. So it’s exciting, but also sad. The Echo has been with me through a lot of good times and hard times. I’ve bonded with it, and while my practical side has won in getting the new car now (when even the mechanic said take the money, I knew it was time), I still am not ready to sever my emotional connection with that car. It’s going to be a sad day.

And I hear that moving costs money too, go figure. Sigh. I just hope we don’t actually manage to break the bank in the next couple of months.

P.S. Since we’re moving soon and need to get rid of stuff, is anyone interested in 70 tulle pompoms? …no?



Updates Galore!

In lieu of doing a real post this week, I’m going to update on a few things I’ve posted on in the past few months. Things change over time, and posts lose their veracity. So…

1) I’m almost done the art project! I just need to do a few touch ups, and then all four of them will be ready to go. I’m very excited to share the finished results!

2) I have discovered that my “lazy” way of knitting is only the correct way if you’re doing stockinette. If you’re doing garter (or knitting in the round), the old way is still better. My mind is still blown, because I can’t even count how many scarves I must have done wrong over the years…hopefully nobody notices.

3) It took me quite a while to realize that changing my name really wasn’t what I wanted. Since I spent over a year trying to convince myself that it was what I wanted, I’m a little confused as to why I didn’t realize that sooner. The reality is, for me, that my name is mine. Sure it came from my dad. But our family isn’t the Smiths. It’s not even the Robert-Smiths. Our mothers and our fathers all had family names, which would mean to be true to the actual family we are, we would have to manage 4 last names. Unfortunately, taking the first letter of each of those last names doesn’t really work (too many consonants). So we’ll keep our names, and decide what to do with kids when we get there. We might even consider hyphenating. What’s the point in having kids if you can’t torture them with long, hard to learn names? (Kidding…)

4) As for the upcoming move, we have mostly decided that in the short term, we will be remaining in the Vancouver area. We are still seriously considering buying, though, so we’ll have to move into one of the Vancouver suburbs if we want to afford that. Even then it will still be a townhouse (at best), instead of our own detached house. One day…

5) Our “little” Boots is as cute as ever!


(The hay all over the ground is the fault of the degus, we don’t live in a barn, I swear)

I only wish I could always be as happy as she looks in that picture. Sunbeams really are the best thing ever. If she hadn’t taken that one, I probably would have.

That’s it! May your week be full of sunbeams and contentedness!


I was recently just thinking how nice it is for my partner and I to be just living together. We’ve been living together for two years, most of it happening before we got married. But the first few months was the adjustment period, and then we were engaged and planning a wedding. Which makes now the time where we are both comfortable living together, and not going crazy planning some huge event.

It is wonderful. Just. So. Wonderful.

And the apartment we’re living in! It has enough room for us, a cat, my own office for when I work from home, living, dining…and it has a gas fireplace. It is a beautiful, beautiful apartment. We were floored when we first saw it. Did I mention it’s a corner apartment on the top floor of a 4 storey? No? Well, it is. Other than getting smoking hot in the summer, there is no downside to this place.

I thought another year or (more likely) two of renting our current apartment, and then we’ll buy a place of our own. No rush. Life has other plans. Last night, we find out that our landlord is seriously considering selling our apartment in a year. As in, no lease to renew. As in, moving. And, before you ask, no, we cannot afford the apartment, it is way out of our league. (Thanks, ridiculous Vancouver housing prices!)

Finding a new rental that meets our (probably too high) standards with a cat? Hard. Buying a place that we both like and is worth investing in AND we can afford? Also hard. Which is less hard? Well, I guess we’ll have to figure that out.

A year ago, I was leaning towards moving away from this area so that we could actually afford a nice place, without spending everything we have and being saddled with a big mortgage. But after a year, I have begun to remember how important having that network of friends and family is. And honestly? I’ve never had to rebuild a network. I have never actually lived away from this area. Part of me thinks “go on, take a risk, you should take a risk!” and the other part thinks, “But I like my friends, and my hangouts and my job!”.

Fortunately, we have a few months to get all this in order. I really don’t like moving, though, and there’s very few options in this that don’t require moving.

On the other hand, I bet the cat will dislike moving more than I will.

Oh yeah, you think she's cute now, but she knows something is up....

“Come a little closer, and I’ll show you how cute I really am…with my claws!”

What do you think? Have you left it all behind for a chance at something better? Is the people network more important than the savings?