My Art Project – Completed!

I finally completed my “art project“. It started with some old (cheap) drawers that weren’t needed anymore, and some calendar pictures that I just couldn’t bring myself to get rid of. I glued the calendar picture to the bottom of the drawer and then covered it with a gel medium mixed with some blue paint. Then I mod podged black tissue paper on the sides of the drawer, and applied a hard coat on top.

Four weeks later, the hard coat has (in theory) cured. It’s been a long and hard journey, but I think the end result is worth it:

20140603_174919 20140603_174947

I love the rustic effect of the tissue paper combined with the brush stroke effect of the gel-paint combination. Almost lets me get away with saying I painted them myself (other than the lying that that would require, that is).

My main disappointment is that the “hard coat” of Mod Podge doesn’t seem to be particularly hard in this climate. The drawers are current stacked on top of each other and they keep sticking together..which tends to pull of some of the glue when I separate them. I think I probably would’ve been better off using the outdoor Mod Podge instead.

The only other disappointment is that I ran out of paint just close enough to the end of the last drawer that I couldn’t justify buying more, so it looks a bit patchier than the other 3. I’m not going to tell you which it is though, just in case no one else can tell.

Overall, though, I’m pretty pleased with myself for coming up with the idea and following through with it–and that the end result is something worth keeping!

Materials upcycled: old drawers, old calendar.

Materials purchased: paint, gel medium, mod podge glossy, mod podge hard coat, a paintbrush and 2 sponge applicators (I unwisely let the glue dry on the first one).

Have you ever taken the leap to upcycle something instead of getting rid of it?


The Art Project: Part 2

After several weeks of delay (thanks to an unfortunately sick Boots, who is now, hopefully, on the mend), I finally started the second part of my art project.

The second part only requires 3 materials: the drawer, mod podge, and tissue paper torn into small-ish pieces.

Instructions: Sponge a layer of mod podge on the drawer, put the tissue paper on, sponge some more mod podge on top. Then repeat to fill in any gaps.



The smaller pieces, plus the wrinkles in the tissue paper, give it a great texture.



And that’s how it looks so far! I’m very excited as to how it’s turning out–I wasn’t sure the tissue paper would work as I wanted it to, but it’s perfect.

I will be evening out the border around the picture, as well as doing the remaining exposed drawer. I’m planning on doing the top edge last because I think that will give it the best look. My only regret is using glossy mod podge instead of matte. The whole project is going to reflect a lot of light when mounted on the wall. Maybe a light sandpaper will help reduce the gloss?

Stay tuned for part 3: actually finishing this extremely drawn out project!

My “Art Project” – A WIP

I was never a painter. My ability to look at something and paint/draw it to life are limited. It’s always been a bit of a sad point for me, as it seems like an amazing talent to have. To want to draw a penguin (or a boat, or a cat, or…) and just be able to do it. Maybe I’ve just never spent enough time on it. All I can tell you is that natural talent just isn’t there.

So, when I say “Art Project” I mean it involved paint, but in the most unskilled sense of the word.

It all started with some drawers. We have this shelving unit, which had shelves and drawers you could rearrange any way you wanted. But instead of helping us stay organized, it was accumulating crap and taking up space. So the shelving unit itself is going to be repurposed (but that’s another post…you know, in 6 months or so when I actually get to repurposing it). Which left a few drawers with nothing to do.

And then I had this calendar. A beautiful calendar, with pictures of the northern lights.

I thought, hey, why don’t I glue these calendar pictures to the bottom of the drawer, cover the rest of the drawer in black (somehow), and then hang it on the wall. The lip could be used to display knick knacks!

Yup, genius.

So, I mod podged (it’s not made with animal bits!) that calendar to the drawer and….there were bubbles. I thought it would be better the second time…but it wasn’t.

2014-01-26 12.52.49

I might have been able to pull it off if I’d managed to get all the ripples on the water half of the picture

And that’s one of the better decoupage results.

I needed something to obscure the wrinkles in the paper. Fortunately, my local craft store was up to the task. They helped me pick out just what I needed to get the job done.

2014-01-26 12.53.11

Meet Amsterdam acrylic paint in prussian blue, and Golden heavy gel medium (semi-gloss). The heavy gel was initially white, but since I suspected I’d be using the whole jar, I just mixed the paint right in. It only needed about 8 small blobs of paint.

I painted it over thickly, trying to give each calendar page a more brush stroke-y look.

2014-01-26 12.53.00

Beautiful, no?

As it dried, the gel medium turned mostly clear, leaving a blue brushstroke effect on top.

But, since I appear to have entirely failed at taking a picture of that final product, you’ll just have to take my word for it for now.

Next up, Fun With Mod Podge Part II: Tissue Paper. Because naturally, when I thought “How do I make the drawer black?”, I came up with, “Black tissue paper”. Not something logical, like paint. Yeah. Wish me luck?

What’s your favourite “art project”? (Projects gone into with logic and skills are not acceptable answers)