Adventures in Chalk Paint: Part 1

Between Pinterest and my favoured Reloved Magazine, I’ve heard a lot about Annie Sloan’s Chalk Paint in the past year. It’s a UK phenomenon, and being in Canada, we can’t just walk down the street and get it. But we can get it.

And finally, finally, we did.

You see, we had the ugliest fireplace in the world. Okay, not quite that ugly, but pretty ugly. It was peach-y swirled tile directly next to a green-brown paint colour. Looking at it made me sad and irritable.


The blue painter’s tape is actually an improvement

So we wiped it down and slapped on 2 layers (sanded in between) of Old White chalk paint.


Just look at that transformation! Instead of the wall colour looking weird and brown, now it looks green-brown, and it doesn’t need to be ashamed anymore. The other awesome thing was that the paint didn’t have any odour.

The only downside to the paint is that it does have a pretty rough texture, and the wax you’re supposed to normally used with is flammable…we decided it probably would be best to not use it on the functioning fireplace.

Stay tuned for Part 2, the tv stand makeover!


Doing All The Things

An odd feeling has struck me over the past 2 weeks. I have been motivated. Not to write a blog (obvoiusly) or to get more exercise or to fold laundry (it is quite the pile). No, I have been motivated to make our new home perfect.

I planned out how we could put up the ribbon wall behind our bed in the bedroom. But, that would require a headboard, because otherwise we might pull it down inadvertently with a misplaced pillow. Should we buy a headboard or make it? Or maybe just spruce up a second hand one? Also, we need reading lights, because the switch for the ceiling light is WAY too far away from the bed (and it’s not very good for reading).

We also need curtains. And the curtains need to go with all of the aforementioned details. Not too mention a bedskirt to cover up the unsightly bedframe we have…

And that’s just the bedroom.

We moved the office furniture into the den and out of the second bedroom. It was an empty and sad looking room and the office furniture fit in perfectly colour-wise. Now all of the blacks are basically in one room. I’ve decided I prefer lighter colours for everywhere else.

Of course, that means that now the second bedroom is mostly a storage space, and it’s only redeeming qualities are a bookshelf and some pictures we preemptively put on the wall. In preparation for a future sofa bed. Probably. But, there’s a big pile of “stuff to deal with” on the floor, that we still haven’t dealt with. And I really want to, so we can at least see the floor.

Most importantly, that second bedroom has enough room for a craft table. A real one. With storage and a solid workspace in all its beauty. And that in itself kind of scares me–if I commit to this craft space, I have to use it. I have to sit down and use it. In reality, I can’t do that. I can’t sit and craft for long periods of time without even longer-lasting pain. Most of my crafting is done in an impromptu fashion in front of the tv. Maybe I’m focussing on all these other things so I can avoid dealing with this one.

This doesn’t include the big list of furniture that my partner intends to make for our new home, although he may, in fact, build me that craft table (if I can ever decide on it).

I can’t seem to focus on one item for longer than a few days, before flitting to another item like a hummingbird. I want to fix everything, and I want it to be the perfect home, now. Why can’t it just be good enough as it is? It’s a perfectly functional home.

But why be perfectly functional when you can be perfectly beautiful as well?

Going for broke…literally?

I apologize for leaving everyone hanging after my frustrated post a few weeks ago. The good news is, we got it! In less than a month we’ll have the keys to our very own place! We are both very excited, and just love the place so much. The bad news is that we’re scraping towards the bottom of the barrel for savings to throw at a down payment at what would otherwise be way too big of a mortgage.

And then…we discovered a miraculous place called the ReStore. A non-profit thrift store full of building supplies and furniture needing some lovin’. In it, we discoverd a chandelier that matches another lighting unit in our new home. Apparently the previous owners didn’t care much for matching lighting, so there are barely any lights that match. And then we discovered a gorgeous solid wood dining set (extendable table and 6 chairs) that just needs a bit of help…okay maybe a bit more than a bit…for $100. Such a good deal! How could we pass that up? We knew we’d need a dining table anyway. I wonder what other cool things they have there…

And then…our car got written off. Yes, that’s right, the always cheap lovely insurance company has decided that a couple of dents in my wonderful, dependable little Echo aren’t worth fixing, and so after 6 glorious years, we have to say goodbye. They are giving us a bit of money for it, but not enough to buy a car that wouldn’t put us in the same position in another year or two. So out of the money for the down payment comes money for a new car. We think we’ve found one, and it’s a cute, slightly bigger zippy car. With features like power windows and a working stereo. Revolutionary, I say. So it’s exciting, but also sad. The Echo has been with me through a lot of good times and hard times. I’ve bonded with it, and while my practical side has won in getting the new car now (when even the mechanic said take the money, I knew it was time), I still am not ready to sever my emotional connection with that car. It’s going to be a sad day.

And I hear that moving costs money too, go figure. Sigh. I just hope we don’t actually manage to break the bank in the next couple of months.

P.S. Since we’re moving soon and need to get rid of stuff, is anyone interested in 70 tulle pompoms? …no?