Fan Friday #11 – Flowers

Today I share with you one of my favourite things, not to buy for myself (although I’ve considered it), but to receive.

Fan Friday Presents…Flowers!

I love flowers. I love to look at them admiringly and smell them. And I especially love them when they’re in a bunch and I can call them mine. My lovely fiance has been told this frequently figured this out, and is just wonderful about spending way too much money on gorgeous flower arrangements.

Jealous yet?

Jealous yet?

Above is the beautiful array he sent me for my birthday yesterday, which arrived embarrassingly in the middle of a company meeting. Which I must admit was a little awesome, too.

What’s your favourite any-occasion gift to receive?


Ribbon Flowers

My goal for a few months now has been to make flowers from the ribbon that is our wedding theme colours. During my quest, I scoured pinterest in an attempt to collect ideas. When that yielded only mildly promising ideas, I did general google searches, and got a book from the library. I tried some fancy sewing from said book, but it looked…weird (user error, I’m sure, the pictures in the book looked much nicer). I had nearly given up when I discovered this video! I’m sure there are others that are similar, but the level of simplicity and resulting flower were exactly what I was looking for.

So it was decided, and I set about finding a lighter. No, that wasn’t easy, because apparently in a feat of “we don’t care if a natural disaster hits” we had no lighter or a single match in our place. Thank goodness for these flowers, because now we are prepared.

The flowers start with cutting out some squares, melting the edges, making some cuts, and melting those edges. Simple.

2013-02-13 03.24.11

This is a deconstructed flower, composed of 5 layers of ribbon.

2013-02-13 03.24.53

Both constructed flowers

2013-02-13 03.24.44

Flower #1

2013-02-13 03.24.36

Flower #2

I love the petals of flower #2, they turned out much more rounded and nicely layered. But I feel that the center of flower #1 is a bit more appealing–although not quite perfect. I guess I may just have to buy more beads for the occasion, what a shame!

As for what to do with them now, well, the current thought is hair fascinator and/or shoe clips. But I’m still working on that, and, of course, the continued search for awesome things to make with the ribbon. Smaller flowers for boutonnieres , perhaps?

So, what are your ideas for other things I can make with the ribbon?