Fan Friday – Mulan Edition

I almost couldn’t think of what to write about today. But then I remember the most kick ass movie ever.

Fan Friday Presents…Mulan!

Now, this movie holds a special place in my heart, because a) it’s about woman finding her way in a man’s world, b) my mom loved it and c) it’s Disney. It has awesome one liners, and very catchy songs. Such as…

After listening to that, I really want to watch it again. It is by far my favourite Disney movie. And I don’t care what they say, Mulan totally deserves to be a Disney princess.

What’s your favourite kick ass movie?


Fan Friday – Penguin Edition

For any of my regular readers, it must be fairly obvious by now that I love penguins. And if you didn’t notice…well, now I’m telling you. Penguins make me happy.

Fan Friday Presents…Penguins!

I think the awesomeness of penguins speaks for itself, but just in case it doesn’t, check it my super awesome mug:

Image from the Pier 1 page. Come on, you can’t tell me you don’t want one for yourself!

Just in case that isn’t enough penguin-ness to keep my happy at work, I also recently discovered the webcams in the penguin area at sea world (here and here). While I have to admit, I’m still not sure how I feel about the living conditions they’re in, they do look reasonably happy. (Wait til you see some of them walk with their wings out for balance!)

What’s the one thing that makes you unreasonably happy? You know, the one where you squeal like a little child and people give you funny looks.

Fan Friday – CocoaNymph Edition

As you might have guessed from last week, I am a big fan of supporting local business. And another local business that I am totally in love with makes one of the things that makes the world go round: chocolate.

Fan Friday Presents…CocoaNymph!

I discovered cocoa nymph a couple of years ago, after a visit during Vancouver’s Hot Chocolate Festival. It was the first time I had drinking chocolate, and it’s safe to say it changed my life. It is the tonic to my worries, the balm of my bad days. I know it’s probably not good for me, but I love it anyway. The best part is, sub in some coconut (or almond) milk, and the dark drinking chocolate is vegan. That’s right, I didn’t have to give it up in the transition–it was one of the things I was most scared about losing.

Image borrowed from YVRBCbro on Urbanspoon — I would’ve taken my own picture, but it’s always gone too quickly for that!

I had some of the deliciousness this week and thought that it was the perfect Fan Friday post, and then I discovered that CocoaNymph has a kickstarter. Which made it even more perfect. So, especially if you’re in the Vancouver area, go check them out. Fall in love for yourself!

Let’s share the love around–where’s your favourite chocolate?

Fan Friday – Nice Shoes Edition

I was never really very interested in shoes, until finding them became much more difficult. Maybe it was just that the selection was too large to really focus in on any shoe, but it was only when I was in the only vegan shoe store in Vancouver and saw a completely impractical shoe and said…damn, that’s a nice shoe.

Fan Friday Presents…Nice Shoes!

Nice Shoes is a great store. Not just because it has vegan shoes–which is a key part of why I found it in the first place–but also because it just has a great selection of shoes. Such nice shoes, in fact, that that is where I bought my wedding reception shoes.

It is also where my husband bought his fancy shoes for the wedding. He saw a certain pair of shoes, was able to walk away and still came back 2 weeks later coveting them. That is a deep love for a shoe, I tell you.

Remember these beauties?

I feel that at this point, I should answer the most frequent question that I get when I mention “vegan shoes”, and that is: what makes a shoe not vegan in the first place? There are two components, really. The first is the obvious one, leather. The second is a not so obvious one, and that is the glue that’s used to attach the pieces of the shoe together–in 95% of the cases, it’s made of animal byproducts. Yum, right?

In short, this little shoe store is entirely deserving of its name. It really does have nice shoes–nice to look at, nice to wear, and nice to animals!

Did you suddenly start loving something that you’d previously not cared about? What was your turning point?

Fan Friday – Pie Edition

Something about the cool weather just got my body yearning for something that was both sweet, pretend-healthy and warm. There are a few desserts that accomplish this, but very few that do it as well as pie.

Fan Friday Presents…Pie!

It’s a bit of work, I won’t lie. I don’t make tons of pies because of the whole getting the crust right and then chilling it before you can even put the pie in the oven. And then it has to cook for ages. Where’s the instant gratification in that?

But the fact is, pie is worth the wait. The warmth, the versatility, the deliciousness…I had indeed forgotten how wonderful a fresh homemade pie could be. Until I got the Vegan Pie In The Sky book out from the library. I mainly got it out because there is a similar book by the same authors about cookies, and I wanted to judge the quality of the cookie book by the pie book (yes, I know, logic hard at work here).



After making a peach basil pie (I know, it sounds weird, but it’s actually delicious), and then a pumpkin pie (’tis this season!), I can officially say I’m hooked on pies again. The only question is what kind to make next!

What’s your favourite type of pie?

Fan Friday #15 – Vancouver Edition

Being a born and bred Vancouverite, sometimes I wonder what it is that keeps me here. Is it the fact that my friends, family and job are all here? Well, probably. But there are other good things, too!

Fan Friday Presents…Vancouver, BC!

Now, this is about the Vancouver in Canada, the one that’s sandwiched between coastline, mountains, and the 49th Parallel. I’ve spent about 30 minutes in Vancouver, WA, and from what I can remember, it was not very impressive. C’mon, mountains AND ocean.

Today, I’m going to answer the #1 question I hear from people who have not been here before: Is it cold there? Well, no, actually. It’s very, very mild here. We’re the city the rest of the country makes fun of in the winter/summer. The summer usually hangs out in the high 20’s (Celsius!), and the winter rarely gets below -2 (also Celsius — that’s the low 80’s and 28 for those of you on the Fahrenheit system). In short, I’m a weather wuss.

The iconic Canada Place, around the holidays. Festive, eh?

The iconic Canada Place, around the holidays. Festive, eh?

And there are lots of things to love, other than the mild weather, the ocean and mountains. For instance, it’s an awesome place to be a vegan. People here tend to be very health-focussed. So, we can get food like vegan pizza (LOVE IT), raw vegan, and as of a few months ago, there’s even a place that serves a very tasty vegan brunch.

I guess there is a reason I still live here! Although, you’d never know it, as that is pretty much the only picture I have taken of Vancouver, ever.

What’s your hometown? Why do you love it (or not!)?

Fan Friday #14 – Kicking Cones

This week, I bring to you some adorable. Some people just think in cute-o-vision. And an even smaller portion of those people are able to translate it into images the rest of the world can enjoy. I am extremely grateful for those people.

Fan Friday Presents…Kicking Cones!

When my husband (eee!) sent me a link to this website, I was overwhelmed (and overjoyed) with cuteness.

From the genius over at Kicking Cones

C’mon! Didn’t your heart just melt a bit? I know mine did. And the artwork over there doesn’t just cover penguins. There’s some Dr. Who art (okay, still penguins), elephants, and, well, isn’t it about time you just head over there and see for yourself?

What’s your favourite full-of-cute website? Don’t hold back, cute makes my day!