Something New

Something the lovely salpal said in regards to my last post really resonated with me:

Who says you have to match? Maybe the very mismatch is the thing that brings your mom closer to you that day.

At first, I wasn’t sure, and I was determined to come up with a design that would tie everything together. But the more I thought about it, the more I realized that she was right, it would be all that more special for standing out. So I left my wedding earrings as they are, and they are my something new.

2013-04-08 22.32.07

I’ve already spent an entire blog post on these earrings, so I don’t think I need to spend another one. Suffice to say, I do love these earrings and how they turned out, and even though they don’t match the necklace, I can’t wait to wear them together in just 2.5 weeks (eeeek!).

It’s so hard to believe how close it all is, and I am both excited for it to happen, nervous about getting everything done in time, and concerned that it will all be over too quickly, and then that will be that. Eleven months of planning going into just one day, and it will be over in about six hours! Guess it’s time to start working on that skill of “being present in the moment”.

See you back here next week for “Something Borrowed”!

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Bridal Earrings

In nearly 4 months, I will be somebody’s wife. I will have a husband.  I am stunned, excited, nervous and stressed that the day has been creeping so close. I can’t wait to marry my partner, but I also can’t handle the amount of things that remain on the todo list. It is a constant battle to keep checking things off, and to not look ahead and get stressed at everything remaining.

But checking things off, I am! Just this weekend, I sat down with all my jewelry making supplies and inspiration struck! This was no mean feat, this epiphany only occurred after hours of brainstorming in my head and scrolling through “bridal pearl earrings” on pinterest. None of them seemed right though. Only a few were even close.

Sometimes it just takes putting the problem in front of you. I held the gorgeous pearls that I bought specifically for this purpose (they match the colour of my dress!) in my hands and thought about it. In the end, once I started out with a basic idea, it turned out that that was all that was needed.

2013-04-08 22.32.07

See? Aren’t they lovely?

These beauties are made from sterling silver, labradorite and pearls. Labradorite, though it may not be captured well in this picture, is kind of grey-translucent, but also has a purple sheen depending on the light.

They are the only earrings–maybe the only thing in general–that I’ve ever made that I keep bringing out to look at. They make me happy. So even if they don’t quite match the dress (I haven’t really decided yet), I’ll probably wear them anyway.

2013-04-08 22.33.41

I couldn’t resist putting in another picture

What’s your favourite thing that you’ve ever made?

The Fancy Tools of the Trade

Until recently, I was working with a basic set of tools–I had some combined pliers/wirecutters from my toolbox, and a pair of crimpers. (You can do a lot with just those tools. All I needed to make the finally earrings in The Perfect Earrings was a pair of crimpers.) But, less than a year ago, I “acquired” a set of needle nose pliers (thanks dad!–he won’t miss them, I’m sure). The avenues this opened! I was able to make earrings like these:

Then, last christmas, I got my fanciest tool yet, a pair of round nose pliers. Which allowed me to make earrings like these:

And now, for my birthday, I have received the fanciest (and possibly least necessary, but no less awesome) tools yet. The first is a pair of side cutters, that does the nicest, cleanest cuts I’ve ever seen (at least, compared to my other wire cutters).

Bead Landing™ Side Cutters from Michaels©

The second is a pair of “wire looping pliers”, which essentially make it super easy to start bends and coils in wire. This is especially helpful for me since I have issues with my wrists and the more fine work I have to do, the more I regret starting the project.

Beadalon® Wire Looping Pliers

Finally, the most mysterious of all the tools, the “bead drilling tweezers”, specially designed to make drilling holes in smaller beads (like pearls), easy as pre-made cookie dough. I am still unsure as to how it works, but the concept is very exciting. Beyond the obvious of how to use it in the first place, I have no idea what kind of drill bit to use. However, I do still have some pearls (in a currently unknown location, but possibly behind a dresser) that I got in hawaii that do not have holes in them. Can’t think of a better test!

Bead Landing™ Bead Drilling Tweezers from Michaels©

What will I make with all these fancy new tools? I don’t know! I’m excited to find out though–and am open to suggestions!


The Perfect Earrings

I am getting to that age where there are lots of weddings in the summer. Not that there aren’t always lots of weddings in the summer–but this summer contained 2 for me to attend and 6 more for other people I know. According to many people it’s “just the age” I’m at.

For the two weddings I am attending this summer, I got to buy a new dress. It took 2 hours and 12 different stores to find. It was an adventure, to say the least! It turned out to be all worth it though, because I found the perfect dress (on sale!): light, summery, and it even had well concealed pockets. But I got the dress home, and discovered that I didn’t have any earrings to match it! What was I to do?

Why, make some earrings, of course!

I had the privilege of making earrings for both of the brides, and they both were very happy with the final product. So you’d think after that, the ideas would be flowing, easy peasy, sit down and poof–the perfect earrings would appear. But that’s not how it was. Coming up with a design for these earrings was actually more difficult than the brides’ earrings! There were colours in my dress that had to be matched properly and I didn’t want to infringe upon the brides’ special days by having similar earrings to them.

The first idea was intended to look like a flower on a vine:

The result was pretty and certainly different, but…not what I wanted. It just looked kind of off. So I spent some more time thinking about it. It came to the point where I was ready to give up, and wear some less exciting sparkly fake diamond earrings. However, inspiration finally hit as I was idly watching tv and pushing beads around in front of me.

Simple and sparkly. Although I do love wirework, sometimes it’s just too much. Just some crystals and seed beads strung on some coated wire.

So that’s it! The quest for the perfect earrings is complete. Mostly. Part of me still thinks they could be better…