Almond Milk — Homemade?!

A couple of weeks ago, my partner and I hosted our very first Thanksgiving dinner. In order to make this dinner as special as possible, we decided to make our own (vegan) ice cream. But not just any ice cream. Ice cream with a homemade almond milk base.

Was it ambitious? It sure seemed like it!

In actual fact: it wasn’t that hard! I was stunned to discover that making almond milk was not only pretty easy, but also kind of fun. Something about squishing that bag of warm-ish water soaked nut mash was kind of cathartic. And the resulting milk was so rich and flavourful!


It was so awesome, that we even decided to try to make it on a regular basis, instead of always buying our almond milk with its additives.

And for those of you who are thinking “But what about the calcium and vitamin D fortification?!” — fear not! It is entirely possible to just throw a couple of supplements into the milk while you’re blending it up!

I haven’t even gotten to my favourite discovery in this process, though.

The ice cream recipe with its homemade almond milk called for a very high percentage of almonds (almost 1 to 1 with water). Which seemed very expensive to do in the long run. I compared it to other recipes and found that most recipes are closer to 1 cup almonds to 4 cups water, which seemed much more affordable. What was the difference?

Look at all that almond meal from that concentrated milk!

Look at all that almond meal from that concentrated milk!

Having that high concentration of almonds rendered an ultra-thick creamy, rich almond milk. The “cream” of almond milks. It was so rich that I didn’t want to drink it. You see, I decided at the age of 2 that I didn’t like anything other than skim milk, no joke! And I’ve never felt differently after all those years, I just don’t like the rich/thickness of it on its own (in hot chocolate or ice cream, that is a different story…). I had to dilute that ultra-rich almond milk way down until it seemed drinkable. And voila, my own skimmed-almond milk.

But it blew my mind–the fact that you can make almond milk according to your richness preferences! Does that blow your mind or is it just me?

The moral of the story: homemade can be better, and fun. And, of course, customizable!


Fan Friday – Mulan Edition

I almost couldn’t think of what to write about today. But then I remember the most kick ass movie ever.

Fan Friday Presents…Mulan!

Now, this movie holds a special place in my heart, because a) it’s about woman finding her way in a man’s world, b) my mom loved it and c) it’s Disney. It has awesome one liners, and very catchy songs. Such as…

After listening to that, I really want to watch it again. It is by far my favourite Disney movie. And I don’t care what they say, Mulan totally deserves to be a Disney princess.

What’s your favourite kick ass movie?

Fan Friday #6

Something about Fridays makes it just that much harder to work, as you’re sitting there, waiting for it to finally be the weekend. You can be assured, that’s what I’ll be doing. Sometimes, you just need that extra kick to get your day going, and for that, there are webcomics.

Fan Friday Presents…Worsted For Wear!

love webcomics. I have about 12 of them in my RSS feed. Sad? Possible. Entertaining? Definitely. One of my absolute favourites (i.e. I read it close to last), is Worsted For Wear, “A webcomic about knitters”. Key part of that phrase, “about knitters”. While it does have a fair amount of knitting (and crocheting, and spinning) references, it also deals with other topics, too.

In the interests of respecting all of their hard work, instead of posting it here, I will send you to my absolute favourite comic that they’ve done so far: You’re No Match For My Flying Cable Stance. Why is it my favourite? Well, that’s another blog post. For now let’s just say I respect all efforts to make knitting more badass.

And if that comic wasn’t your favourite, they also have a couple of batman related comics. Or perhaps you would prefer a storyline that screams of CSI Miami. Still not impressed? I guess you’ll have to stay tuned for future Fan Friday features!

I’m always up for a new comic, what’s your favourite?