Quick & Easy Art – Initials

I’ve had some frames lying around that had Christmas pictures in them, but they needed art I could display the rest of the year. After spending so much money on home improvements already this year, I wanted to do something low rent. Suddenly I realized how simple that could be.

The best part of this art was that I already had all the materials on hand, so I could just whip it altogether in an hour!


  • picture frame(s)
  • scrapbook paper the size of your frame/mat
  • glue stick
  • cardstock (mine was white)
  • maneuverable scissors

Step 1:

Find a font you want your desired initials to be in. I picked Euphoria off of FontSquirrel (there are lots of free font sites but it’s my favourite), and did up a document. Initially, I picked page a page size the same size as my mat so that I could see how big the letter would be, then I put it all back to a regular page and rearranged spacing until all the letters fit on one page (save the trees!).

Step 2:

Print it out and cut out the letters, carefully.

Step 3:

Put glue on the back of the letters (carefully, again, we don’t want to tear the paper) and stick them onto the scrapbook paper. (You will probably want to test placement first!) Let dry.

Step 4:

Once it’s dry, stick that sucker in a frame and put it proudly on your wall. Like so.

2015-08-03 20.46.18

I’m so proud of this art that I’m going to share one more picture, but this time with fancy schmancy camera effects.

2015-08-03 20.48.01

The hidden, final step was putting them on the wall. This had to be done with measuring tape to get them properly spaced on the wall, which in itself is no mean feat. Once upon a time, I just put things up by instinct and eye-balling it. But then I moved in with my partner and I learned that that is not a tolerable way to put things up. As a result, usually I make him do the putting up these days, because I don’t want to be bothered with all the hassle (or the complaining afterwards if I just did it my way). However, I’ve found that it’s important, every once in awhile, to prove that yes, in fact, I can do all those things that I usually let him do.

And now it’s proven in pictures and published on the internet 😉


My Art Project – Completed!

I finally completed my “art project“. It started with some old (cheap) drawers that weren’t needed anymore, and some calendar pictures that I just couldn’t bring myself to get rid of. I glued the calendar picture to the bottom of the drawer and then covered it with a gel medium mixed with some blue paint. Then I mod podged black tissue paper on the sides of the drawer, and applied a hard coat on top.

Four weeks later, the hard coat has (in theory) cured. It’s been a long and hard journey, but I think the end result is worth it:

20140603_174919 20140603_174947

I love the rustic effect of the tissue paper combined with the brush stroke effect of the gel-paint combination. Almost lets me get away with saying I painted them myself (other than the lying that that would require, that is).

My main disappointment is that the “hard coat” of Mod Podge doesn’t seem to be particularly hard in this climate. The drawers are current stacked on top of each other and they keep sticking together..which tends to pull of some of the glue when I separate them. I think I probably would’ve been better off using the outdoor Mod Podge instead.

The only other disappointment is that I ran out of paint just close enough to the end of the last drawer that I couldn’t justify buying more, so it looks a bit patchier than the other 3. I’m not going to tell you which it is though, just in case no one else can tell.

Overall, though, I’m pretty pleased with myself for coming up with the idea and following through with it–and that the end result is something worth keeping!

Materials upcycled: old drawers, old calendar.

Materials purchased: paint, gel medium, mod podge glossy, mod podge hard coat, a paintbrush and 2 sponge applicators (I unwisely let the glue dry on the first one).

Have you ever taken the leap to upcycle something instead of getting rid of it?

Updates Galore!

In lieu of doing a real post this week, I’m going to update on a few things I’ve posted on in the past few months. Things change over time, and posts lose their veracity. So…

1) I’m almost done the art project! I just need to do a few touch ups, and then all four of them will be ready to go. I’m very excited to share the finished results!

2) I have discovered that my “lazy” way of knitting is only the correct way if you’re doing stockinette. If you’re doing garter (or knitting in the round), the old way is still better. My mind is still blown, because I can’t even count how many scarves I must have done wrong over the years…hopefully nobody notices.

3) It took me quite a while to realize that changing my name really wasn’t what I wanted. Since I spent over a year trying to convince myself that it was what I wanted, I’m a little confused as to why I didn’t realize that sooner. The reality is, for me, that my name is mine. Sure it came from my dad. But our family isn’t the Smiths. It’s not even the Robert-Smiths. Our mothers and our fathers all had family names, which would mean to be true to the actual family we are, we would have to manage 4 last names. Unfortunately, taking the first letter of each of those last names doesn’t really work (too many consonants). So we’ll keep our names, and decide what to do with kids when we get there. We might even consider hyphenating. What’s the point in having kids if you can’t torture them with long, hard to learn names? (Kidding…)

4) As for the upcoming move, we have mostly decided that in the short term, we will be remaining in the Vancouver area. We are still seriously considering buying, though, so we’ll have to move into one of the Vancouver suburbs if we want to afford that. Even then it will still be a townhouse (at best), instead of our own detached house. One day…

5) Our “little” Boots is as cute as ever!


(The hay all over the ground is the fault of the degus, we don’t live in a barn, I swear)

I only wish I could always be as happy as she looks in that picture. Sunbeams really are the best thing ever. If she hadn’t taken that one, I probably would have.

That’s it! May your week be full of sunbeams and contentedness!

The Art Project: Part 2

After several weeks of delay (thanks to an unfortunately sick Boots, who is now, hopefully, on the mend), I finally started the second part of my art project.

The second part only requires 3 materials: the drawer, mod podge, and tissue paper torn into small-ish pieces.

Instructions: Sponge a layer of mod podge on the drawer, put the tissue paper on, sponge some more mod podge on top. Then repeat to fill in any gaps.



The smaller pieces, plus the wrinkles in the tissue paper, give it a great texture.



And that’s how it looks so far! I’m very excited as to how it’s turning out–I wasn’t sure the tissue paper would work as I wanted it to, but it’s perfect.

I will be evening out the border around the picture, as well as doing the remaining exposed drawer. I’m planning on doing the top edge last because I think that will give it the best look. My only regret is using glossy mod podge instead of matte. The whole project is going to reflect a lot of light when mounted on the wall. Maybe a light sandpaper will help reduce the gloss?

Stay tuned for part 3: actually finishing this extremely drawn out project!