Adventures in Chalk Paint: Part 2

It wasn’t enough to repaint the fireplace. After all, it was light coloured already. No, something drastic needed to change.

Yes, we let our cat watch tv from time to time. It entertains us, too :-)

Yes, that black blob with a tail is our cat, watching tv. It entertains us, too!

Look at that. It’s messy, and it’s just a dark blob (not just because of the picture quality), that you can’t help but look at, even if you don’t want to. It made me kind of stabby.

To clean up the tv stand, we replaced the computer’s functionality with a chromecast and moved the wii to another room (not that we use it there, either). The yoga mats are now in a different, messy corner. AND my wonderful partner cut a hole in the back of our tv stand so that the receiver could fit inside!

Unfortunately, cleaning it up wasn’t enough. It took care of the “messy” part, but not the “dark blob” part. Fortunately, chalk paint is easy-peasy to put on ikea furniture. A couple of coats and a wax later…

This is what I get for relying on my phone for a camera...

Another sub-par picture. This is what I get for relying on my phone for a camera…

Just look at that change! It’s bright and clean and beautiful!

You might also notice that we threw an area rug into the mix to help get even more brightness in the room. We went the route of buying a carpet remnant and getting the edges bound, and it is perfect! The carpet is so soft and it was only 99c a square foot! Binding it ended up being a bit more expensive, at $5 a foot, but we still got 2 area rugs, a 6′ x 9′ and a 9′ x 12′, for $570. That’s half the price of most of the 9′ x 12′ rugs we were looking at!

Totally, totally, worth it. Wouldn’t you agree?


2 thoughts on “Adventures in Chalk Paint: Part 2

  1. big improvement! I have often used that binding a rug remnant trick – you can get some quite nice area rugs that way.

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