Adventures in Chalk Paint: Part 1

Between Pinterest and my favoured Reloved Magazine, I’ve heard a lot about Annie Sloan’s Chalk Paint in the past year. It’s a UK phenomenon, and being in Canada, we can’t just walk down the street and get it. But we can get it.

And finally, finally, we did.

You see, we had the ugliest fireplace in the world. Okay, not quite that ugly, but pretty ugly. It was peach-y swirled tile directly next to a green-brown paint colour. Looking at it made me sad and irritable.


The blue painter’s tape is actually an improvement

So we wiped it down and slapped on 2 layers (sanded in between) of Old White chalk paint.


Just look at that transformation! Instead of the wall colour looking weird and brown, now it looks green-brown, and it doesn’t need to be ashamed anymore. The other awesome thing was that the paint didn’t have any odour.

The only downside to the paint is that it does have a pretty rough texture, and the wax you’re supposed to normally used with is flammable…we decided it probably would be best to not use it on the functioning fireplace.

Stay tuned for Part 2, the tv stand makeover!


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