My First Sweater

Recently, my close friend had a baby. She’s the first of my close friends to do so, and it’s kind of rocked the boat in my world. But that’s not what this post is about.

This post is about a sweater.

I knitted my very first sweater. And it turned out! I only frogged the same section 2.5 times (the half was a very awkward undoing of only the patterned areas and redoing, one by one…awful). And I only had one major breakdown moment, right around the 2nd frog, when I had trouble picking up the stitches again…there were tears, I won’t lie.

But it was worth it.

Several months and some minor tears later…

A sweater was born!

2014-07-13 22.21.30

(And a baby, for whom the sweater was intended.)

2014-07-13 22.22.00

(In case you were wondering, the baby came first, but only because she had 4 months head start by the time I got going.)

2014-07-13 22.21.39

I am extremely proud of this “little” project! I think it turned out nearly perfectly, and although I can see the flaws in it, I pretend they don’t exist.

And the best news is that it’s big enough that hopefully the baby won’t grow into it until the weather cools down. Making it actually useful, not just pretty.



2 thoughts on “My First Sweater

  1. Rachel LOVES her sweater from Auntie Sarah!! (Well, she will once she fits into it a bit better) I love it already though, and I’m very much looking forward to cooler weather so I can put her in it – I’ve decided she can start wearing it even if it’s a tad too big because it’s just so darn cute and cozy!
    ps. You didn’t mention the amazing buttons!!

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