Goodbye, Wedding Dress

I bought my wedding dress on my first official wedding dress shopping trip. Everyone was in love with it. I felt like a princess.

If only all the photos could have looked as good as this one...

If only all the photos could have looked as good as this one…

Gorgeous, impractical, soft and embellished, the dress was irresistible.

Unfortunately, I can barely look at any of my wedding pictures without cringing a little.

You see, the dress was beautiful, with a heart shaped neckline. On me, that neckline was a little lopsided. I was assured that it would be easy peasy to fix and it…wasn’t. Balking at the $500 price tag, I opted for the simpler fix of making the dress into a halter top.

It didn’t fix it.

The halter was put on lopsided, which just accentuated the problem. I was assured by my entourage that it looked fine, no one would notice, and maybe that was true at first. But after the dress had settled a bit…it’s all I can see in nearly every single picture.

It is a beautiful dress. I thought I would treasure it and want to keep it forever.

But I don’t. I don’t want to put it on to remind myself of the day. I don’t want to keep it just in case my future daughter wants it. I want to remember how wonderful that day was, and hopefully, with time, I will forget that little wardrobe malfunction…or at least find it humorous.

So today, my dress will be posted to The Brides’ Project — a fantastic charity that sells dresses at reduced cost, and all proceeds go to cancer-related charities, which is a cause that is dear to my heart.

It’s the best use for it I can imagine.

I just hope the next person who falls in love with it isn’t “lopsided” like me.

What did you do with your wedding dress?


15 thoughts on “Goodbye, Wedding Dress

  1. This sounds like a wonderful way to transform a not-so-good memory into something happy. I bet from now on, you’ll always think of this donation when you think of the dress, because its more recent than your wedding. And using the dress to do social good instead of just look pretty feels like having a truly loving marriage instead of just a perfect wedding day, 🙂

  2. I like this! I should do this with my wedding gowns. Yep, plural…I bought the first one far too soon after getting engaged, with my sister in-law (I wanted ‘the moment’). Fifteen months later, Fiancé comes home to find me in tears.
    ‘What’s wrong?’
    ‘My dress. It’s wrong, all wrong.’ ‘You have such good taste, I don’t believe you.’
    ‘What if you haaaate it?’
    ‘Try it on.’
    ‘No, I can’t.’
    ‘Please just let me see it on.’

    ‘Yeah…we’ll fix this.’

    Long story, we picked a beautiful gown…and it’s hanging in the spare bedroom. Not even boxed up and preserved. Just hanging there! So this might be a good option for both. 🙂

    (The first gown isn’t hideous, it just wasn’t right for me!)

    • Haha! Love that story! Yes, I eventually got a “reception dress” which is a much more practical dress that I keep intending to wear again but somehow never have the occasion to. I’m still keeping it though 😛

      It’s definitely a great cause, and there’s a few different organizations that do it so you might be able to find one closer to you! I can totally understand wanting to hang on to the one you picked together though 🙂

      • Oh, find an occasion! I think that would be lovely. (Bonus points if he wears something from that day too.)

        I probably will. I can’t justify keeping it, and I can’t bear the idea of parting with it. So I think it’ll stay. 😉 I wore it until one o’clock the next morning…the ceremony was at 2:30. I wore it aaallll day. It made me feel Jane Austeny and gorgeous. And like you said, it was the one we chose together. 🙂

  3. It is a shame how we can let one thing spoil a wonderful memory for us. truly., I doubt anyone but you was focused on the wardrobe malfunction. I bet you looked lovely, lopsided or no. It is great that you can get rid ofhte reminder, though and put it to good use. 🙂

    As for my wedding “dress” it was a bright summer skirt and a red shirt, and I have incorporated it into my regular wardrobe. the only “malfunction” I had was that we were married outside, and the hummingbirds were apparently buzzing all around behind me, which proved entertaining to the guests. I didn’t know it until afterwards. 🙂

    • Awww thanks! I hope no one noticed and it’s all in my head. Unfortunately, since the photographer even said something I’m not sure I can believe that.

      Hummingbirds! That sounds amazing! You just need to tell them you planned it all from the beginning, because you knew it would add flair to your wedding 😉

    • You have my respect for not realizing hummingbirds were surrounding you. They’re beautiful, but if I don’t see them first, I hear them and panic, because they sound like serial killing bees. 😉

  4. It would have driven me nuts. I wore my mother’s wedding dress after one or two seams were taken out. Oh my God how the netting itched and itched… 🙂

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