I Hate Waiting

I. Hate. Waiting.

It’s that stomach-clenching feeling when I don’t know how something’s going to turn out. When I can’t do anything about it. When all I can do is wait. I hate it.

It’s the racing mind that wakes me up too early, going over ALL THE THINGS in an endless loop. I hate that, too.

It’s the inability to focus on any thing but the one, super stressful thing that consumes everything.

It would be easier to hate that part if it wasn’t so awesome.

The best things in life require waiting. I know this, and yet, I still don’t like it. So many things can go wrong in the meantime! For instance, we started looking for a place to buy of our very own. Not expecting to find something early on, we were shocked and confused when on our second outing we saw a place that made us want to put an offer in right now. Practicality has prevailed, though, and we are going with a second set of eyes tonight. You know, in case we were so wrapped up in OMG THIS IS AMAZING to notice the gaping hole in the wall or the rampant mould everywhere.

In the meantime, while we’re waiting for this second viewing of the most perfect-ist place ever, which may never come up again at such a reasonable price, someone else could snatch it up. They could win, while we were trying to be practical. Which, obviously, is an unacceptable outcome. And yet, here I am, still waiting.

I hate waiting.

What’s the most awesomest thing you hated waiting for?


3 thoughts on “I Hate Waiting

  1. I hate waiting for water to boil when I’m making coffee. 🙂

  2. […] apologize for leaving everyone hanging after my frustrated post a few weeks ago. The good news is, we got it! In less than a month we’ll have the keys to our […]

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