Everything I Thought I Knew Was Wrong

I have been knitting for a fairly long time. I learned initially when I was about 12, then put it down shortly afterwards for another 6 years. Since I picked it up again, other than a year or two break for my previously mentioned health issues, I have been knitting more or less the same things.

Lots and lots of scarves. A few fingerless gloves. And when both of those got boring, I started going gaga over patterns from mochimochi land. Especially the tiny penguins.

But certain things stayed the same. I cast on and off the same way. I had two ways of doing knit stitches: the “lazy” way (the purl stitch’s mirror), and the “proper” way (straight up next to the other needle).

More recently, mostly due to a friend of mine starting to knit and far exceeding my scope of projects in a very short period of time, I started trying some new things. I learned the long tail cast-on, which is not only a looser cast on, but it’s also fun to do! On my honeymoon (yes, I knit on my honeymoon), I learned to hold the yarn Continental style instead of English style. I LOVE Continental style because it’s faster and much less hard on my hands.

Just this past week, I did my very first swatch (don’t judge me!). During the 28 stitches by 38 row process, I got bored of doing my “proper” knit stitches, and started doing some “lazy” knit stitches.

I discovered something horrifying.

All these years, I’d been knitting wrong.

20140315_174749 (1)

My “lazy” stitch, is actually the better way to do it. The “proper” stitch, makes the knit stitches uneven in comparison to the purl stitches when doing a stockinette stitch. But the “lazy” stitch makes everything nice and even. I guess it makes sense, since it’s the purl stitch’s mirror and all. And it doesn’t seem to make a difference which style I do when I’m knitting everything (although mixing doesn’t seem to be a good idea).

I cannot express how much this shook my world. It was one of the pillars of my knitting knowledge. One of those things that was just fact. Now, that pillar has crumbled and in its wake has left me to knit all “lazy” stitches. Which…is actually kind of awesome.

What’s something you always took for granted as a fact and then one day found out was actually quite wrong?


11 thoughts on “Everything I Thought I Knew Was Wrong

  1. Interesting- now I’m curious as to how you do the lazy stitch. Is it like knitting through the back loop?

  2. It’s all in how you wrap the yarn. My sister says I knit “backwards” but I wrap the yarn backwards so that when I knit through the back loop, my stitch isn’t twisted. It works fine until a pattern calls for it to be twisted, then I have to totally think about what they mean and how I will do it with the way I wrap the stitch. I only learned this when I was in college making a sweater (having knit for years!), not knowing better, when a young woman came in to see, and told me all my stitches were twisted. She showed me the difference, and I started wrapping my yarn backwards. It was easier than learning to knit through the front loop. 🙂

    • Oh that makes so much sense now!

      It might also explain why I never noticed it before–maybe I stopped knitting the front way properly when I switched to continental!

      Thank you very much for helping with the mystery!

      (Also, I totally agree, knitting through the back is way easier, I don’t plan on learning to do the front properly unless I have to!)

  3. I just wish I knew how to knit!

  4. […] I have discovered that my “lazy” way of knitting is only the correct way if you’re doing stockinette. If you’re doing garter (or […]

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