The Art Project: Part 2

After several weeks of delay (thanks to an unfortunately sick Boots, who is now, hopefully, on the mend), I finally started the second part of my art project.

The second part only requires 3 materials: the drawer, mod podge, and tissue paper torn into small-ish pieces.

Instructions: Sponge a layer of mod podge on the drawer, put the tissue paper on, sponge some more mod podge on top. Then repeat to fill in any gaps.



The smaller pieces, plus the wrinkles in the tissue paper, give it a great texture.



And that’s how it looks so far! I’m very excited as to how it’s turning out–I wasn’t sure the tissue paper would work as I wanted it to, but it’s perfect.

I will be evening out the border around the picture, as well as doing the remaining exposed drawer. I’m planning on doing the top edge last because I think that will give it the best look. My only regret is using glossy mod podge instead of matte. The whole project is going to reflect a lot of light when mounted on the wall. Maybe a light sandpaper will help reduce the gloss?

Stay tuned for part 3: actually finishing this extremely drawn out project!


6 thoughts on “The Art Project: Part 2

  1. Well that’s a gorgeous thing!

  2. Oh my, that’s beautiful! You’re so crafty!

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