Meet Boots

This is Boots:


Look at those eyes! How could I refuse those eyes?

She is the newest member of our little family.

Just chillin'

“Did you want to use this chair? That’s too bad, it’s my chair.”

I found her by using the BCSCPA pet search over a month before we were able to bring her home. She had been surrendered with her brother. They were 10 years old, considered senior cats. I wanted them both. For the first time ever, my partner agreed–instead of his usual (somewhat eye-roll-y) “oh honey”. So we set to work getting our apartment ready for a cat. As hard as it was, we knew we wouldn’t be ready until after Christmas, so it was entirely possible they would be adopted beforehand. Which was why we waited to go meet them. I didn’t want to get attached only to lose them. And, after a few weeks, her brother was adopted. It was a bit disappointing, but mostly okay, since I wanted Boots more anyway (based only on some pictures and a bio…yeah). We’d just get a different second cat.

Finally, we made it to the big day, and met Boots. She was lovely, and we agreed she was a great cat. The caveat: she’s better being the only cat. Oh yeah, and getting her into the cat carrier was a messy (and bloody) affair. She meowed pitifully the whole way home.

We put her in a smaller room, for the first week, and visited her frequently. She clawed and bit more than we’d like–mostly because she had a very low petting threshold before she became overstimulated. But as time went on, she came out of her shell. Her stress levels went down and we get clawed and/or bitten very rarely now (partially because we have better reflexes, I’m sure).

She loves blankets, cuddles, and running after a thrown cork only to wait for you to throw it again. But she loves things on her terms. If she gets tired of something–you’ll know. She meows for attention, then you bend down to pet her for a few seconds and she’s off to go have a bite to eat.


“No, I will not get out of my house to play, that wasn’t in the contract I signed”

As my partner said just last night, “Boots is the exact cat I wanted”. I couldn’t agree more.


10 thoughts on “Meet Boots

  1. Congratulations!! What a beautiful new addition!

  2. Too cute. She reminds me of a cat from years ago, Sabrina.

  3. Aww… looks like a sweetie, Sarah. Glad she found such a patient and loving home to go to. (I like the cork idea… we haven’t tried that with Echo).

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