2013 – An Awesome Year

Some years are better than others, just like some days are better than others. This year happened to be a great year for me.

  • I got married
  • The wedding went wonderfully!
  • I found a new positive outlook around my job
  • I saw a lot of healthy growth in my family (which lowers my stress levels)
  • The condition of my back, neck and arms has improved enough that I can knit again
  • I got back into yoga
  • I found friendships where before I was annoyed and shutting them out
  • I enjoyed the whole year as a vegan (with some mishaps, as is bound to happen)
  • We got an elliptical and I still use it, 6 months later! (although not very regularly)

While there are lot of things I’d like to improve, I think I have room to be  proud of myself for those 🙂

I must confess, I’ve been avoiding setting New Year’s resolutions the past few years. They really seem like empty promises, made to make a certain person who is not me feel better. (And no, it’s not my partner either, don’t worry) But after such a good year it’s hard to not want to make some of those resolutions in an attempt to push myself. Really, though, every resolution ever boils down to:

“Be a better person”

(If you can name me a resolution that you’ve made (no cheating!) that doesn’t fall under that category, I will knit you something. Or make you jewellery. Your choice.)

In conclusion, next year, I’m going to keep trying to be better. And with luck, 2014 will be even better than 2013.

After all, I won’t have a wedding to pull out all my hair over plan.


2 thoughts on “2013 – An Awesome Year

  1. Cheers to your great year! Thanks for sharing it all (and being such a lovely internet presence).

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