First Married Christmas

This is going to be the first year that I have not slept at my parent’s house on Christmas Eve.

We decided that if we were ever going to come up with a holiday situation that didn’t involve stressful planning and then travelling all over the place, this year was the year to “take a stand”. So this year, we will be spending Christmas Eve and morning in our own home.

It will be a transition, but it will be a good one, I think.

What I don’t love is how stressful it is to be a full adult at Christmas. There is just so much to DO! You have to buy presents, plan meals, buy groceries, pre-make food, wrap presents, get a tree, decorate a tree, decorate the house, make sure you fit in seeing everyone, go to holiday parties…and it’s not like regular life really stops to fit all those things in.

I think the main difference between this year and previous years is that this is our first full-vegan Christmas. So we have to be in charge of finding and making dishes that we can eat. Because many people find the concept of vegan too intimidating to attempt on their own. I try to tell people it’s not that hard, it’s just a different set of ingredients, but that doesn’t seem to reassure them. (Does anyone have some good recipes / recipe books that are for the omnivore trying to feed a vegan?)

There’s also something missing when you celebrate Christmas with no kids around who are so excited with the magic of the season. It’s hard to generate that enthusiasm on my own.

Nonetheless, I am still pretty excited to eat breakfast and open a few gifts in our living room with the fire place turned on (assuming the downstairs neighbours don’t have theirs cranked up again!). And there are much worse things to do on Christmas morning than baking!

Happy holidays everyone!

What are your Christmas morning traditions?


2 thoughts on “First Married Christmas

  1. We usually sleep til noon on Christmas day because the festivities start at 12mn until dawn. 🙂

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