My Get-In-The-Spirit Movie

…is Love Actually. Somehow, even after watching it around 10 times, I still love that movie. I’m not a watch-things-multiple-times kind of person. The more times I watch something, the more bored I am of it. Except Love Actually.

It has become an annual tradition to watch it in December as the holidays ramp up. I’m not sure why, but my partner puts up with this and has, for the past 3 Christmases, watched it with me. Who knows how long he will keep doing it, but I am certainly enjoying it while it lasts!

Image borrowed from the internet

We watched it last Saturday, in preparation for tree hunting the next day. What is tree hunting? Well, it’s where you take a rifle, and you go out, and hunt a tree to put inside…isn’t that how everyone does it? Okay, fine. We go to a tree farm and cut down our very own tree. It’s my family tradition that my partner and I have adopted into our family.

So we have a tree, we’ve watched the movie, and it’s definitely officially the holiday season. I can now listen to those holiday tunes without squirming. Bring on the rest of it–especially the decorations!

What’s your “get in the spirit” tradition?


13 thoughts on “My Get-In-The-Spirit Movie

  1. I’ve just wrote a blog on the Christmas Season, have a look and see if you agree! Thanks.

  2. I always watch Muppets Christmas Carol ^_^

  3. Awww love your tradition. We are still creating ours!

  4. I love Elf for a “Get in the spirit” movie. AND I found out they are doing a live play of it here… but I found out too late to get tickets for before Christmas… maybe it will be a “Stay in the spirit” trip after the holidays.

    • You know, I haven’t watched it yet, but I am beginning to think I should! Maybe this year is the year 🙂 And there’s definitely nothing wrong with staying in the spirit after the holidays!

  5. Charlie Brown’s Christmas, The Christmas Carol and the english comedy’s Christmas Sit-com show, “Men Behaving Badly” Thanks for the follow!

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