Why Walking Cats On Leashes May Not Be The Best Idea

For the long weekend (thanks, BC!), my partner and I did a little road trip down to Portland. We ate a lot of delicious food, and just generally had a lot of fun. But we’ve eaten awesome food before (although not quite that much). And had fun before.

What we hadn’t seen before was this:

A cat. In a tree. Being rescued by a fireman.

A cat. In a tree. Being rescued by a fireman.

The poor cat had gotten its leash all tangled in the tree and couldn’t get down. It wasn’t until a firetruck arrived that anyone started looking in the tree. I joked that they must be rescuing a cat–because they weren’t really close to any buildings and there was no smoke or injured people. Boy did I eat my words when I discovered that, in fact, it was a cat in a tree.

Watching the cat struggle was heart-breaking, as it just ended up more tangled. At one point it was hanging by its collar and not moving (instant release collars, people!). There were tons of people standing around holding their breath, waiting for the fireman to rescue the cat.

The ladder extended, the fireman carefully snipped the leash, and carried the cat by the scruff down to the distressed owner. And that was that. The crisis was over.

So, I would like to extend my appreciation to the Olympia fire department, because, wow. And he even went up and cleaned up the remaining bits of leash in the tree hanging up there afterwards.

I didn’t even know things like that occurred in real life.


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