Changing Dreams

Many months ago, I wrote about dreams, specifically how I wanted to open an etsy store. However, it seems the longer I thought on the dream, the less it seemed like what I really wanted to do.

This is partially brought on by finally understanding what an artisan I once met meant when he said “Etsy is just a race for the bottom”. I didn’t truly understand it until it was announced that Etsy will be accepting merchandise made in factories.

At first, I was dumbfounded. I was totally overwhelmed with this idea that this website full of merchandise that I coveted would sink so low as to give up its original purpose. In my mind, if you’re selling something “handcrafted”, it is not handcrafted by some random people in a factory somewhere. It’s handcrafted by you.

And then the reality sunk in that it is a website that is already so saturated with merchandise…how would anyone find mine in that sea? A sea that will only get bigger with the policy change. Sure, my family and friends would make an effort, and purchase things. But when that initial burst of 10 purchases ended, all that will be left is silence.

So I let go of my dream. It’s not what I want anymore. As much as I want to sell my crafty-bits, I no longer think that Etsy is the right venue for it.

My dream of opening an Etsy store has been around much longer than I confessed in that blog post. It was part of the reason I started this blog. And now…with that goal no longer in mind, I feel a bit adrift. I’m sure the upcoming holiday season will fill up my crafting quota. But after that?

What then?


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