Web Search Answer Session

What there seems to be a real lack of in this world is sarcastic resources. So today, I’m going to take some of the more interesting search queries that have landed on my blog and answer them. Because let’s face it, what the world needs is more sarcasm, and I have lots to go around.

“engagement sarcasm”

I’m not sure why you’d be looking for this, unless you’re subtly trying to hint that the couple isn’t good for each other. But perhaps you’re looking for sarcasm like, “wow, she agreed to marry you?” or perhaps, “You guys only waited 10 years to get engaged? Are you sure you’re not rushing into this?”

“sarcasm about equality”

“Man, it was so much better when women just stayed at home where they belong. You know, instead of making a difference in the world, adding a second income to families to cope with the rising cost of living, and intimidating men who think women should all be dumber than them.”

“a sarcastic way to ask where is my birthday present”

This person and I must be related somehow. Because that’s exactly what I’d want to do. Something like, “I hope you forgot my birthday present this year, because I really didn’t want one.” But the dripping sarcasm must be very clear, otherwise they just may take you seriously.

“sarcastic recipe for a happy marriage”

Well, I don’t know about your marriage, but mine is full of sarcasm (2 parts love, 1 part communication, and 2 parts sarcasm). But if you really want a sarcastic recipe, I’d go with this:

  • 1 part love
  • 1 part trust
  • 1 part not being a moron

(Seriously, if you can avoid being a moron, things tend to go a lot better overall.)

Now, lots of people are looking for physical expressions of sarcasm, but as far as I can tell, it doesn’t exist. I spent weeks trying to come up with something when I redesigned my logo! Nonetheless, I truly wish I had the answers to the following queries (and if you do, please share!):

  • sarcastic birthday presents
  • cake idea for someone who is sarcastic
  • sarcastic wedding cake topper
  • sarcastic halloween costumes

And lastly, I must share these few that I really just want to know, what the heck were they hoping to find?

  • sarcastic crochet
  • sarcastic womens shoes images
  • sarcastic homemaker video
  • sarcastic facebook photo with the word gauche

All in all, I’m pretty pleased that people are finding my blog while looking to enhance their acts of sarcasm. I do hope that this post will help make the world a more sarcastic place.

What are some of your favourite web queries that have led people to your blog?


2 thoughts on “Web Search Answer Session

  1. Hahaha my favorite so far is “housewife date me” 🙂

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