Fan Friday – Nice Shoes Edition

I was never really very interested in shoes, until finding them became much more difficult. Maybe it was just that the selection was too large to really focus in on any shoe, but it was only when I was in the only vegan shoe store in Vancouver and saw a completely impractical shoe and said…damn, that’s a nice shoe.

Fan Friday Presents…Nice Shoes!

Nice Shoes is a great store. Not just because it has vegan shoes–which is a key part of why I found it in the first place–but also because it just has a great selection of shoes. Such nice shoes, in fact, that that is where I bought my wedding reception shoes.

It is also where my husband bought his fancy shoes for the wedding. He saw a certain pair of shoes, was able to walk away and still came back 2 weeks later coveting them. That is a deep love for a shoe, I tell you.

Remember these beauties?

I feel that at this point, I should answer the most frequent question that I get when I mention “vegan shoes”, and that is: what makes a shoe not vegan in the first place? There are two components, really. The first is the obvious one, leather. The second is a not so obvious one, and that is the glue that’s used to attach the pieces of the shoe together–in 95% of the cases, it’s made of animal byproducts. Yum, right?

In short, this little shoe store is entirely deserving of its name. It really does have nice shoes–nice to look at, nice to wear, and nice to animals!

Did you suddenly start loving something that you’d previously not cared about? What was your turning point?


Leave your comments here! I love comments :-)

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