I haven’t talked about knitting very much on this blog. Not because I don’t love it (I do), but because I don’t get to do it very often. One of the best parts of the honeymoon was having the time off from work. It meant that my neck and arms weren’t already too sore from the work week to pick up some knitting needles. Not to say I didn’t push them until it felt a bit like I’d been working all week. I was just so excited to knit again!

On the trip, I started a Dandy Sir Cephalopod. I had intended to start a different project, but then realized that I didn’t have the entire pattern with me. So instead, I broke out the DPN’s and started knitting. It actually went to the extent that we bought some stuffing in Hawaii so that I could stuff the little legs and seal them up. (Side note: that filling is way softer than the usual stuff from Michaels.)

Look at those cute little legs!

Look at those cute little legs!

Since we got back, I discovered an app, Visual Knitting Counter (for Android), that allows me to not only store patterns text, but also to keep track of what row I’m on! Which means that even if I can only do one row, at least I won’t be spending 15 minutes next time trying to figure out what the next one is!

Because of that app, I am also starting back up on a scarf that I put on hold well over a year ago. I picked the pattern because I wanted to make a scarf for my love, and he wanted a manly one. Enter “The Manly Man Scarf“. It was rated “manly enough” and I quickly set to work on it. But it has a complex pattern, that I already messed up once, and coming back to it for a few rows once a month wasn’t cutting it. But now, I can keep track!

2013-10-04 12.46.54

Halfway there…

I started that scarf 2 years ago. And it’s still only halfway done. But now, I have hope (and so does my partner) that it will one day, maybe even soon, actually be completed.

Do you use an app to keep track? What projects do you have on the go?


5 thoughts on “The WIP

  1. LIke that manly man scarf! I don’t use an app – I use a pencil… too old fashioned for words. Right now I have a multidirectional diagonal scarf on the needles for home, and a hat on the needles for travel.

  2. I love that scarf- and can’t wait to see how the little Cephalapod turns out!

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