Fan Friday – Pie Edition

Something about the cool weather just got my body yearning for something that was both sweet, pretend-healthy and warm. There are a few desserts that accomplish this, but very few that do it as well as pie.

Fan Friday Presents…Pie!

It’s a bit of work, I won’t lie. I don’t make tons of pies because of the whole getting the crust right and then chilling it before you can even put the pie in the oven. And then it has to cook for ages. Where’s the instant gratification in that?

But the fact is, pie is worth the wait. The warmth, the versatility, the deliciousness…I had indeed forgotten how wonderful a fresh homemade pie could be. Until I got the Vegan Pie In The Sky book out from the library. I mainly got it out because there is a similar book by the same authors about cookies, and I wanted to judge the quality of the cookie book by the pie book (yes, I know, logic hard at work here).



After making a peach basil pie (I know, it sounds weird, but it’s actually delicious), and then a pumpkin pie (’tis this season!), I can officially say I’m hooked on pies again. The only question is what kind to make next!

What’s your favourite type of pie?


Leave your comments here! I love comments :-)

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