Fan Friday #15 – Vancouver Edition

Being a born and bred Vancouverite, sometimes I wonder what it is that keeps me here. Is it the fact that my friends, family and job are all here? Well, probably. But there are other good things, too!

Fan Friday Presents…Vancouver, BC!

Now, this is about the Vancouver in Canada, the one that’s sandwiched between coastline, mountains, and the 49th Parallel. I’ve spent about 30 minutes in Vancouver, WA, and from what I can remember, it was not very impressive. C’mon, mountains AND ocean.

Today, I’m going to answer the #1 question I hear from people who have not been here before: Is it cold there? Well, no, actually. It’s very, very mild here. We’re the city the rest of the country makes fun of in the winter/summer. The summer usually hangs out in the high 20’s (Celsius!), and the winter rarely gets below -2 (also Celsius — that’s the low 80’s and 28 for those of you on the Fahrenheit system). In short, I’m a weather wuss.

The iconic Canada Place, around the holidays. Festive, eh?

The iconic Canada Place, around the holidays. Festive, eh?

And there are lots of things to love, other than the mild weather, the ocean and mountains. For instance, it’s an awesome place to be a vegan. People here tend to be very health-focussed. So, we can get food like vegan pizza (LOVE IT), raw vegan, and as of a few months ago, there’s even a place that serves a very tasty vegan brunch.

I guess there is a reason I still live here! Although, you’d never know it, as that is pretty much the only picture I have taken of Vancouver, ever.

What’s your hometown? Why do you love it (or not!)?


5 thoughts on “Fan Friday #15 – Vancouver Edition

  1. Have lived in many places – Seoul, Ontario, Cape Town, London – but Vancouver will always and forever be home 🙂

    Cape Town rivals Vancouver in terms of “city beauty” – mountains, ocean, and wilderness!

  2. Halifax, NS here – the other coast! 🙂
    I love the coastal weather – milder winters and summers in general – though lately we’ve gotten some extremes in both seasons.
    I love living so close to the ocean – smelling the seawater, close proximity to beaches, seeing the tall ships come into the harbour ever summer, buskerfest on the waterfront… I could go on and on and on.
    I also love that although Halifax is the largest city in NS, it still has a rather small town feel about it (compared to other large cities I’ve lived in/travelled to).
    We’re reppin’ Canada, Coast to Coast you and I!

    • One of my dreams, actually, is to just pick up and move to Halifax! I’m trying to convince my husband, but it’s difficult since he’s never been there 😛 I’m also not sure that I could withstand the harsher winters of the east coast. Tell me I’m wrong?!

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