Fan Friday #14 – Kicking Cones

This week, I bring to you some adorable. Some people just think in cute-o-vision. And an even smaller portion of those people are able to translate it into images the rest of the world can enjoy. I am extremely grateful for those people.

Fan Friday Presents…Kicking Cones!

When my husband (eee!) sent me a link to this website, I was overwhelmed (and overjoyed) with cuteness.

From the genius over at Kicking Cones

C’mon! Didn’t your heart just melt a bit? I know mine did. And the artwork over there doesn’t just cover penguins. There’s some Dr. Who art (okay, still penguins), elephants, and, well, isn’t it about time you just head over there and see for yourself?

What’s your favourite full-of-cute website? Don’t hold back, cute makes my day!


One thought on “Fan Friday #14 – Kicking Cones

  1. Lol too cute

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