Fan Friday #12 – Kauai Edition

Kauai was pretty much the perfect place for our honeymoon–enough to do to keep entertained, but also an environment for relaxing and winding down. There were several things I’m a fan of from that trip, but this is the biggest one.

Fan Friday Presents…The Ultimate Kauai Guidebook!

I discovered this guidebook thanks to fellow blogger Kristen. over at Not Exactly Hip. Between her glowing recommendation and the 4.5 star rating on amazon, I was sold. It was our main resource for the trip–we picked nearly all of our activities from that book.

Image courtesy of

It had useful maps, lists of beaches and their swimability, tons of activities, places to stay (although we found ours on the internet instead), and even places to shop (which, since I’m not much of a shopper, only turned out to be somewhat useful).

So if you’re going to Kauai, definitely get this guidebook. And if you’re not…well, why not?

Where is the best place you’ve ever gone on vacation?


3 thoughts on “Fan Friday #12 – Kauai Edition

  1. Boracay! Love love love Boracay! 🙂

  2. Scotland and Austria are tied on my list for “real” vacation bests. But lots of great places right around me that we can get to fr the weekend, I love the coast of Maine.

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