Place Cards

Safely back from my honeymoon, I am still reeling from going back to work after all that time off. In short: both the wedding and honeymoon were fantastic, and I can’t wait to share them! But I really do need some time to get back into real life, and collect the best pictures to share. So first, as promised awhile back, we’re getting back to the crafty roots of this blog.

Place cards. My plan, initially, was simple. They would be text, on a small piece of paper, folded over and put at each place setting. But then, I was presented by a dilemma–since we were serving wine at the wedding, how would people keep track of their glasses? That’s when I realized that the place cards could do double duty as wine glass markers.

First, I picked up some earring hoops from an etsy store to use as anchors. Although I could have made them myself with some wire and a jewelry jig, I just didn’t have the time and sanity for it.

Image from Forever Rose Designs on Etsy

The rings were about 1.4″ in diameter, which was around the perfect size for a wine glass with a 3″ base.

Then, I printed names on card stock, and left extra room on each one for a stamp from the lovely Etsy store Norajane. I used inks of different shades of blue and green for each one, to keep with the multi-coloured theme. All that was left was a 1/8″ hole punch, and to put the ring through the hole.

The end result exuded a simple, functional, elegance. Which is exactly what I was going for.


Image taken by my lovely friend Nicole

It’s not the most original idea–although I did come up with it on my own–and I’ve definitely seen fancier versions now. But it is a really simple way to make place cards that are much more functional. My 9 year old cousin liked hers so much she asked very shyly if she could keep hers. That’s always a win 🙂

What’s your favourite simple but elegant craft idea?


6 thoughts on “Place Cards

  1. That’s lovely!
    I made a wishing tree for my daughter’s first birthday to replace the traditional guest book. Our guests wrote their wishes on a piece of paper and hanged it on the tree. I will give them to my daughter when she turns 18. Her birthday project was the first ever post on my blog 🙂

  2. What a cute idea! We ended up using our favors to hold the escort cards but I love the idea of keeping track of our glass. I’m so excited to read/see details of your wedding/honeymoon and congratulations! I’m still very seriously behind on blogging, but it is tough getting back into normal life after being a bride!

  3. Oh that’s adorable!

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