Happy birthday…to me?

Today is my birthday. I am officially 27–or as I like to call it “rounding up to 30”. Yes, I know, technically 26 also rounds to 30. I didn’t say it was logical.

This morning, my lovely partner gave me my birthday presents. I was very excited because he had been talking about them for the past week, asking whether I was excited. I thought I was…until the first thing I pulled out of the bag was:

Yep. They bothered to come out with a special edition.

Yep. They bothered to come out with a special edition.

I was…confused. I mean, it’s a decent movie. In fact, I’m rather fond of it, even though it’s not a great movie. So fond of it, that I already own it. And he would know that, if he’d looked in the dvd drawer. I tried to act like I was pleased, but I failed miserably. He told me it was a joke gift. It didn’t seem very funny, but I was willing to let it go.

Trying to make the best of it, I examined the “Deluxe Edition” special features (I was underwhelmed).

T – “So, are you going to pull some of those tricks on me?”

Me – “What? Why would I do that? We’ve been together longer than 10 days…”

T – “Doesn’t mean you still couldn’t use them.”

Me – “I’m pretty sure if those tricks would drive you away at this point, we shouldn’t be getting married.”

T – “Yeah, but you could still get rid of me, you have enough time.”

Me – “Whaaa?”

T – “Because there’s 10 days left until the wedding.”

Me – “OHHHHHH!!!”

And then it was funny.

10 days left and I get to have presents like that for the rest of my life. Sweet.


5 thoughts on “Happy birthday…to me?

  1. Haha this is my type of joke/present. I do this to my family and friends a lot.

    Just think of all the thought he put into the gift, knowing that it would make you laugh, when you are only 10 days out from your wedding. I hope my man can make me laugh 10 days out!

  2. So cute! I would have had the exact same reaction of confusion. Happy belated birthday and happy happy wedding!

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