Something Borrowed

This week comes the resolution to an issue that I talked about several weeks ago–I really, really wanted a veil, but not to spend the outrageous price on buying a new one. Thanks to the fact that I have wonderful friends, that dream came true.

Borrowed Veil

Beautiful picture taken by Dave Allen at Just Hitched Photography

Isn’t it gorgeous? A huge thank you goes to my lovely friend Anna for lending me hers after reading about how badly I wanted one. I was a bit concerned at first that it wouldn’t go with my dress, but it turned out to look like they were nearly made for each other. I can’t wait to put them on for real!

In order to solve the issue of my fine hair not actually holding a veil up, I think I will have to tie my hair half up to stick the comb in, then take a bit of time to let it down and spruce it up again when the veil comes out. Honestly, I’m quite glad I only have to do this much primping for one day (3 hours have been scheduled to get ready before the wedding! 3. Whole. Hours.). It is quite unnatural for me to spend so many hours on my appearance.

A few months ago, I got my makeup done in order to figure out what to do and what to buy (my sister is doing it the day of, thanks sis!). But by the end of the makeover, I barely recognized myself! They had even covered up my freckles. I have a lot of freckles, and they are one of the features my partner loves about me. So why would I cover them up? Why would I wear so many pounds of make up to “look good for pictures”? Don’t I want to look back at those pictures and see myself, not someone who seems to resemble me?

For some reason, a bride is supposed to spend an inordinate amount of time trying to look like a perfect version of herself, instead of being the person that the groom wanted to marry in the first place. Well, cruel wedding industry, I’m not going to cover up my freckles. I am, however, going to try and cover these increasingly darkening circles under my eyes. Hopefully, they’ll get better on the honeymoon.

Stay tuned next week for the big shoe reveal you’ve all been waiting for!


4 thoughts on “Something Borrowed

  1. Oh, it is pretty! Things are really coming together for you – can’t wait to see a photo of the whole thing on you for real, complete with freckles! I say don’t wear more makeup than you are used to, be comfortable AND pretty.

  2. I love it! I’m sure you’ll look beautiful and your hair will hold it up fine 🙂

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