Something New

Something the lovely salpal said in regards to my last post really resonated with me:

Who says you have to match? Maybe the very mismatch is the thing that brings your mom closer to you that day.

At first, I wasn’t sure, and I was determined to come up with a design that would tie everything together. But the more I thought about it, the more I realized that she was right, it would be all that more special for standing out. So I left my wedding earrings as they are, and they are my something new.

2013-04-08 22.32.07

I’ve already spent an entire blog post on these earrings, so I don’t think I need to spend another one. Suffice to say, I do love these earrings and how they turned out, and even though they don’t match the necklace, I can’t wait to wear them together in just 2.5 weeks (eeeek!).

It’s so hard to believe how close it all is, and I am both excited for it to happen, nervous about getting everything done in time, and concerned that it will all be over too quickly, and then that will be that. Eleven months of planning going into just one day, and it will be over in about six hours! Guess it’s time to start working on that skill of “being present in the moment”.

See you back here next week for “Something Borrowed”!

P.S. If you didn’t vote in the poll yet, you’d better do it soon, they close on July 25th!


2 thoughts on “Something New

  1. Those earrings are beautiful! So classic and modern at the same time. I absolutely love all of your personal touches and I can’t wait to see pictures of the big day. I know we’re both struggling with the idea of the wedding day going by too fast, but just remember that all of this prep is part of the journey too. Your wedding is like the grand finale of the engagement, but all of the time and detail and DIY projects have been important moments and stories and activities that have shaped this time in your life too. Plus, any number of hours compared to 11 months is going to seem fast! I’m so excited for you!!

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