Fan Friday

Last weekend was my bridal shower. It was filled with wonderful people and it was better than I could have imagined. But there was a definite trend in the gifts I was given–I received not 1, not 2, but 5 different types of tea. But not just any kind of tea, it was DavidsTea.

Fan Friday Presents…DavidsTea!

DavidsTea produces some of the most interesting and flavourful teas I have found. It really was what drove me to have a tea strainer and small containers of tea at work. It is the reason that we have a shoe organizer full of tea hanging off one of our doors. And I do mean full.


As you can see, tons of tea, and most of it is DavidsTea. And it’s this full without the new teas from last weekend.

What’s the best part of tea? How versatile it is. It can be made into syrup, baked into a cake, as well as iced AND in popsicle form. What’s the best part of DavidsTea? Their monthly newsletter. Once a month (ish) you get an email about a new tea, and a delicious looking recipe. There’s other items in the newsletter but I usually gloss those over.

Not sold yet? I understand, there’s a lot of tea stores out there. But maybe looking at this will convince you?

What’s your favourite tea store? Tea flavour?


2 thoughts on “Fan Friday

  1. That tea sounds awesome! I can’t believe you got so much of it for your shower! I’ve been very slowly getting into tea and usually have to load it up with honey, so I love to hear about new things that might be a good transition. Thanks for the tip (as always) and I hope you had an amazing shower! It’s getting so close!

    • It is, I can’t believe it! And I hope you find some teas you like, I know there are a lot out there that are unbelievably sweet (like DavidsTea red velvet cake–if it was vegan, I would have it ALL the time).

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