Fan Friday – Book Review Edition

Since I just adore Christmas, what better way to foray into the book review world, than a book about both knitting and Christmas!

Fan Friday Presents…Knit Christmas Stockings!

When signed up on NetGalley a few weeks ago, I saw this book and thought, that one, that is the book for me. It is especially fortuitous since my brand new little family does not have Christmas stockings of our very own yet.

Image courtesy of amazon

  • Author: Gwen W. Steege
  • Publisher: Storey Publishing, LLC
  • Publish Date: September 10, 2013
  • 136 pages

The book is well written, with lots of pictures to go along with the instructions. There was a nice variety of different patterns, and each pattern specified how large the end result would be. This is important because some families are very “stocking-heavy” (aka: don’t bother with those heavy stocking holders on the mantle, it’ll fall over anyway), or “stocking-light” (aka: Bigger is better, put those suckers under the tree instead!). They also had several patterns that had “mix and match” pieces, so you could make matching stockings that are still a bit different.

Another cool thing about the book is that it has some great techniques at the front. I learned how to do a long-tail cast on (which is actually an awesome cast on technique). It was pretty confusing at first, but I did figure it out after a fairly short period of time.

The only negative point of the book is that none of the patterns inspired me with the feeling of “I have to knit this right now”. Which isn’t to say I didn’t like a lot of the patterns, it’s just that there wasn’t the sense of urgency that comes with finding that perfect pattern. However, it is entirely possible that once the Christmas season heads our way again, I will be singing (or knitting) a different tune.

Overall, I give it a 4/5.

Feedback time, is this book review useful to you, or should I get back to my regular style of Fan Fridays?


2 thoughts on “Fan Friday – Book Review Edition

  1. I love the book review idea! And I’m obsessed with the idea of homemade knit stockings! So cute!

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