Is it vegan? Is it safe?

As a change up from the wedding overload, today I’m going to share a little flowchart I made. One issue that has come up on multiple occasions is people not knowing which ingredients are and aren’t vegan. Partially this comes from not being familiar with what being vegan means, and partially it is the sheer number of ingredients in most pre-made items these days. I always appreciate it when people put in the effort to specifically try and find something vegan for me–but there are a good number of times when it turns out not to be vegan anyway. And then everyone feels bad.

Is It Vegan Flowchart

You’re welcome to repost this anywhere–just, please, give me credit 🙂

The goal is to break it down a bit into more manageable ingredient lists. Note that this won’t work for all vegans, as there are definitely different levels of strictness. But I believe it would be good enough for most. It certainly would be good enough for me!

Being vegan isn’t easy, in the sense that there isn’t as much access to pre-made foods. But I am hoping that after looking at the flowchart and possibly the associated link, people will start to think about what is being put in their foods, vegan and not. Really, I don’t think there’s any diet in which consuming something with 10 indecipherable ingredients is good for your health.

With that, I’ll leave the flowchart as food for thought (pun intended) and move on to my 5 favourite things about being vegan!

  1. Reduced access to junk food — since I can’t eat most of it, I don’t! Except oreos. Darn you [North American] oreos for being vegan.
  2. Awesome quality dark chocolate. I think the milk ingredients actually dampen the complexity of the cocoa flavour, and I’m having a lot of fun exploring vegan options.
  3. Knowing that I’m not contributing to the scary results of the mass commercialization of animal products is a burden off of my heart.
  4. Trying new things — there are tons of great recipe books, blogs, restaurants and products are out there! (Did you know there is unnoticeably-vegan parmesan?)
  5. My body has a lower tolerance for junk, since I eat healthier in general. It lets me know even sooner when I’ve stepped out of line too much.

There you have it. We will return to the wedding posts next week (sorry!?), with a special series of 4 posts leading up to the wedding. Because there’s only 33 days left. Seriously. Care packages (aka chocolate) will now be accepted as my sanity goes down the tubes.

P.S. Did you vote in the shoe poll yet?

P.P.S. For those of you who don’t get the LOTR reference in the title, shame on you. If you don’t know what LOTR stands for…where have you been the past 10 years?


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