It’s Poll Time!

As my regular readers know, I’ve put a lot of effort into the shoes I was intending to wear when I got married.

Aren't they pretty?

Don’t worry, you can’t see those marks from above

They are very cute shoes. But they’re also very uncomfortable shoes. I’ve stretched them enough for my feet, but they are still not big enough to put good insoles in. And as I’m sure you can see in the above picture, there is literally no support, arch or otherwise.

Then there’s these shoes, that I got to wear with my reception dress. Because we all know that a little bit of heel goes a long way.

Image courtesy of BAIT Footwear

I mean, come on, look at those shoes. Are they not the cutest (vegan!) shoes ever? And unlike the flats, they do have room for insoles. Nonetheless, I’m sure my feet will still be a bit sore afterwards. I’m not particularly used to wearing heels.

Before we get to voting, there is one more important thing to note: my dress was hemmed for the flats. As in, if I’m wearing flat shoes, you can’t seem them unless I pull up my dress. So if I wear the heels, you will be able to see my toes out the front of the dress (not the back, because it has a ginormous train). I’ve tried it out and I think it looks okay, but I really have no idea if this is some sort of sacrilege.

You have all been prepared for this to the best of my abilities. Now do me proud and vote!


13 thoughts on “It’s Poll Time!


  2. Farnoosh Palad

    I like the second one better, with the heel. Plus, get your toes done and show them off… nothing wrong with that : D

  3. No point in wearing uncomfy shoes. The heels are FAB. And vegan, what could be better!

  4. I wore flip flops to my wedding, if you’re doing stairs DON’T DO IT! I voted for the flats, because my Mom still has her wedding shoes in her hope chest and it is an incredible story. Wear the vegans at the reception but walk down the aisle in your creation….in my opinion!

  5. clementinegoesusa

    Marrying in heels is important. It adds to the feeling of being a princess, there isn’t a single woman who’s immune to that (and this coming from a real tomboy!).

  6. I want to qualify my vote. I absolutely love those heels and think they’ll be so so perfect with your reception dress. But, I think the flats are super cute and you won’t have to wear them for long, so hopefully the soreness won’t set it too bad. Then, once your feet hurt from the flats, you can change into your heels just in time. That way, neither pair of shoes becomes too overwhelming. I love heels but knew I’d throw them off my feet the second the ceremony was over, so I’m wearing flats all the way but never even thought of insoles! Thanks for the tip and good luck on your decision. No matter what you wear, you’ll be gorgeous!

  7. […] Nice Shoes is a great store. Not just because it has vegan shoes–which is a key part of why I found it in the first place–but also because it just has a great selection of shoes. Such nice shoes, in fact, that that is where I bought my wedding reception shoes. […]

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