Fan Friday #5

There is a particular blog whose recipes I’ve mentioned a few times in various posts, like this one and this one. When you have a sweet tooth like mine, that kind of blog is invaluable.

Fan Friday Presents…Chocolate Covered Katie!

The Chocolate Covered Katie site is full of delicious recipes. Just look at what’s at the top of the page today:

I want to eat these. Now. (Image courtesy of Chocolate Covered Katie)

And the best part? A good chunk of those chocolate-y, sweet, craving-satisfying recipes are not only vegan, but also fairly healthy. No, I’m not lying to you. Why would I lie to you?

If you’re not convinced to fall in love with that website now, there’s no hope for you.

What’s your favourite healthy-ish dessert recipe?


One thought on “Fan Friday #5

  1. Yum! Looks so amazing!

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