The Tulle Overfloweth

I mentioned (briefly) in a previous blog that we have a lot of tulle. Where “a lot of tulle is a gross understatement”. Imagine my shock when I discovered that even with 450 total yards of tulle, we did not have enough!

You see, after I made a few from this fabulous tutorial, we discovered that nothing is more fun than tulle pompoms. Seriously. Your cat will enjoy them and so will you. They’re fluffy and puffy and colourful.

So, what started with a few…

2013-05-14 00.11.40

Turned into many…

2013-05-21 02.11.58Relatively quickly. Yet, somehow, that’s still only half of what we need–even after I optimized the size, amount of wraps, and wrapping style!

That’s right, there’s an optimal wrapping style.

2013-05-14 00.12.06

You might notice that this one is bunchy as it wraps around. Don’t do that.

The key is to wrap each strip of colour overtop of itself, keeping it as unbunched as possible. When you’re done with that strip, do the next one beside it. This uses less tulle and produces a fluffier pompom. And in case you were wondering, the best strip length, for a 7″ diameter template with a 1.25″ hole, is 3 feet.

Unfortunately, even with this awesome optimization, we still would not have enough tulle to make the desired number of pompoms (around 70). Yes, that’s right, even with 150 yards of each colour. So we did what any sane people would.

We ordered more.

Yes, that’s right. Once that order comes in, we will have a total of 600 yards (over half a km!) of tulle, end to end.

I’m guessing, at this point, you’d like to know what the point of all those pompoms are? Well, I could tell you that we’re going to dig a pit, throw all the pompoms in, and have a kind of impromptu ball pit. And as a result, you would be really excited and beg to attend my wedding. Fortunately, I can safely tell you we are not doing that, so you won’t be missing out. Not to mention we’d need a lot more than 70 pompoms for that kind of undertaking. In fact, the point of all these pompoms is….a surprise. Yes, my dear readers, you’re just going to sit tight until after the wedding.

So, if you see a woman, sitting on a park bench with a bag full of tulle rolls on one side, and a mountain of tulle balls on the other, say hi. It’s probably me.

What’s the biggest project you’ve undertaken? Better yet, what are your theories (the more creative the better) on the origin of the phrase “sit tight”?


6 thoughts on “The Tulle Overfloweth

  1. hownottokillyourparents

    For my MFA thesis, I made hand sewn bound books out of the manuscript I had written. I created the covers, stitched the pages, and glued it all together. It took about a month to create the 20 books. There are pictures of me somewhere with the pages spread out like the assembly line to hell…. And for what it’s worth a tulle ball pit sounds awesome. Way better than the crap at chuck e cheese.

  2. So much tulle! I can’t think if any project I’ve tried that would come close to your pom poms. I can’t wait to see what you use them for! Unfortunately, I’m to the point with our wedding that doing anything homemade feels like an impossible chore. I just want my dress to arrive and to get married! I love all of your personal and crafty details!

    • Thanks! Are you kidding? All those plants you’re trying to grow is a huge undertaking! I look at that and think “damn, that’s so ambitious, I couldn’t do that!”. I guess maybe we’re not quite exactly the same person 😉

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