Fan Friday #2

Well here we are again, it’s finally Friday, and time for another Fan Friday! This week’s edition commemorates a very special new member of our kitchen.

Fan Friday Presents…Our New Food Processor!

Yes, my fair readers, we received our very first wedding gift. And it is a sight to behold!


This beauty blends, chops, grinds and slices up a storm! It’s an unbelievable difference, having a full sized (and powerful) food processor from the tiny 4 cup one we were using before. This particular model is a KitchenAid 1344A–and although we have only had it for a limited amount of time, it certainly seems to work very well. It was fairly surprising just how many pieces it came with! (Except for the plants and cookbook in the background, it didn’t come with those.)

And boy does my fiance make some good food with it 😉

What’s your favourite gift that you’ve received lately?


6 thoughts on “Fan Friday #2

  1. So fancy! Congratulations on your first wedding gift! We registered for our honeymoon since we’ll have $0 in a vacation fund after paying for our wedding. It’s been pretty fun to see those gifts come in!

  2. Very cool! My unsolicited advice? Never put it away. When it’s out on the counter we use ours all the time. If it goes back in the cabinet it stays there gathering dust for months. Have fun!

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