The Plight of a Fine Haired Bride

I have fine, thin hair. It’s the kind of hair that one can easily tell where I play with it too much because the hair is shorter there. The kind of hair that doesn’t stand up well to hair-colouring (not that it stopped me very much). The kind of hair where clips slowly slide down my hair. And the kind of hair that those cloth hairbands that go all the way around your head make a weird bump in the back of it.

Yes, I have that kind of hair. For the most part, it hasn’t really bothered me, I’ve never been keen on wearing my hair up or fancy, anyway. But there are definitely times when I have wished that I could have thick, wavy hair. I can’t even fathom what it’s like to be a person who has enough hair to braid it into two thick braids.

What has caught me off-guard the most, however, is how difficult it is for someone like me to wear a veil. The hair combs put way too much pressure on a localized part of my hair–shockingly, I want to still have nice hair after my wedding day. Hair pins don’t really stay in my hair (unless a professional does it, they have a talent I do not possess). And if clips don’t work either…what am I left with?

The most logical next step would be to wear a headband and attach a veil to one of those. Unfortunately I am one of those people who also can’t wear headbands. The squeezing behind my ears gives me a headache. It makes no sense to me why all headbands try to squeeze the life out of my head. Apparently Goody used to make some “comfort tip” headbands, but no longer does. And there’s a stellar looking company in the UK that doesn’t ship to North America (even if they didn’t cost an arm and a leg). So no, headbands won’t work either.

The very last option was something I had dismissed initially, a flower crown. I had dismissed it because my dress is anything but bohemian in style. I call it my princess dress for good reason. But since I wanted to wear something in my hair, and it was my last option, I brought it out, did some googling, and found my inspiration in this gorgeous flower crown from The Honeycomb on etsy. It was simple, elegant, and just might be able to be passed off with a princess dress.

So after a 1 hour trip to Micheals (thank goodness my fiance is so patient with me!), I came home with well equipped to tackle my last option.


A work in progress – all the big flowers were on, but the little pearl “buds” weren’t attached yet


The final product: made with wrapped wire, brown flower tape, fake white blossoms, dried eucalyptus and fake pearls.

In the end, it turned out beautiful, but very little like my inspiration. It will be a bit of an adjustment from what I had planned on wearing, but I think there’s enough time before the wedding for me to get used to the idea.

I am still wondering whether to even bother trying to attach some tulle to it to make a veil–it may just pull the flower crown right off my head. I can just see it now, mid-vows, tears streaming down my face, and flower crown hanging partway down my back. The pictures would be memorable, to say the least.

It’s funny how we imagine our weddings to be a certain way–I never for a second questioned whether I would be wearing a veil until very recently. It’s a stupid little detail, yet somehow, it seems so significant in the mess that is wedding planning.

Nonetheless, it’s time to pick up and move on to some other stupid little detail, as the big day draws inexorably closer. There’s only 82 days left, after all.

What’s the thing you always imagined having at your wedding but had to give up?


8 thoughts on “The Plight of a Fine Haired Bride

  1. 82 days?! How exciting! First of all, your flower headband is adorable and elegant and so very beautiful! I’m sure it will make a stellar addition to your princess dress. Secondly, I think we’re hair twins! My hair can’t hold a curl for longer than about 10 minutes and headbands give me the same behind-the-ear headache! I hadn’t even thought about a veil issue…
    Thanks for sharing your crafts and making me realize that there are others that suffer through the fine hair issues that I do!

    • Exciting is one word for it! Thanks, all the positive feedback I’ve been getting is really helping me warm up to the idea 🙂

      It is quite the issue! I hope you find a solution that works for you! Let me know if you need any help/advice/commiseration!

  2. […] I could get over the idea of having a veil–after all, it’s not easy for a person with my kind of hair. But I tried on that flower crown with the dress and had the realization that they just […]

  3. Maybe try a glittery headband? I think that says “Princess!” I love your flower crown– I’m making a colorful one to wear with my veil. Yours is great inspiration! I had to give up on the idea of my cupcake tiers– check it out on my blog

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