Fan Friday #1

In an effort to post more blogs, I have decided to have a shorter post on Fridays that shares something that I love. It might be a place, an activity, a product or a recipe. Because I love sharing what I love, in the hope that you might love it too. That’s a lot of love, am I right?

So what do I pick for the very first one? In theory, it should be something I love more than all the rest. Which, other than my lovely fiance (phew, nearly missed that one), leaves something adorable.

Fan Friday Presents… My Penguin T-shirt!

Now what is so special about a penguin t-shirt? If you know me, you know that I love penguins. So, in many cases, that might be enough on its own. But it’s not just any penguin t-shirt. It is a t-shirt that also pays tribute to science.


Penguins can actually fly with the aid of jetpack-fueled science!

This shirt is from the amazing etsy store Binary Winter Press.

Since I do have a degree in science, I think I also have the power to decree this as the best t-shirt ever. Now, if only I didn’t get grease stains on it every 3rd time I wear it…

What’s your favourite piece of clothing that you want/own?


2 thoughts on “Fan Friday #1

  1. Okay, this is getting weird. We’re definitely twins. Penguins have been my favorite animal since my first moments of existence AND my degree is in science!!

    I love the t-shirt! My favorite thing hanging in my closet is also a grey t-shirt. It has a silk screened image from “Where the Wild Things Are” and in bold letters it says, “Save the Wild Things.”

    • Hahaha. Awesome. To be perfectly honest, the penguin thing is recent, in the last 2 years ish. But it’s hit me hard and now I love all things penguin!

      That is an awesome sounding t-shirt. I really need to watch that movie. But I heard it was sad so I’ve been avoiding it…

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