How Is Wedding Planning Going?

It’s an interesting question, one that my partner and I receive regularly. It’s interesting because I never know what kind of response the asker is looking for. Do they want to know what project I’m currently working on? All we’ve accomplished so far? Or do they want a simple answer along the lines of “Oh, excellent, thank you!” or “Oh man, planning a wedding is so stressful!”. In reality, I can’t give a simple answer, because I don’t have feelings towards wedding planning that are cut and dry. My real, full answer, would go something like this:

Wedding planning is incredibly overwhelming. Planning a party for 50 people, each of whom is going in with expectations as to how awesome said party should be, is…intimidating. And, it’s my wedding, so I want it to be awesome. More than awesome. If at all possible (which it’s not), I would like it to be perfect.

Since Project Management has recently become part of my job description at work, it is, in some senses, good experience. I have made more phone calls in the past few months than I ever wanted to. I have pondered, exulted and tossed out dozens of ideas of how to do things (I have the pinterest board to prove it). I’ve already made several excel spreadsheets, and will probably make several more before all’s said and done.

But in between all the tears and temper tantrums (kidding…kind of), there have been a lot of fun parts. I love doing crafty things (in case you hadn’t noticed), and if nothing else, this wedding has been an outlet for that. I have completed 5 out of 16 tulle flowers, and have plans underway for a ribbon wall, not to mention the list of 2 dozen things I also want to make for the wedding. It may come to buying a bunch of them, but I’m not ready to concede defeat yet. Give me another month or two.

There’s also been the opportunity to meet our awesome vendors. We’re getting a vegan caterer that makes amazing food–and that’s after we’d totally given up on getting a caterer because all of the non-vegan ones were booked. Definitely an unexpected benefit of going vegan.

And then there’s learning how to say, “maybe we should pay someone else to make that”, which is what was recently decided for the centrepieces, bridal bouquet, boutonnieres and corsages. In the end, I only have so much time.

So, in summary, wedding planning has been going sometimes well, sometimes frustratingly, but always a learning experience. And I really can’t wait for the honeymoon!


2 thoughts on “How Is Wedding Planning Going?

  1. Your wedding day will be great, although one ridiculous thing will be guaranteed to happen. You will laugh about this later. It will fly by, and you will enjoy having everyone you love in one place, because the next time that happens you, well, won’t be there exactly. Then you’ll be so relieved it’s over!

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