All It Takes Is The Right Tulle

Since we’re getting married outdoors, it was decided early (in my head) that the decorations would ideally be weather-proof. Sure the chances of rain in August are slim, but nonetheless, it wouldn’t do to not be prepared. Also, we’re getting married in the morning, so the more things we can do the day before that won’t be destroyed by dew, the better!

Where did that leave us? Well, it left us with tulle. Lots and lots and lots of tulle. How much, you ask? Well, 450 yards, of course. That’s also known as 411.48 meters. Yes, we have nearly half a km of tulle. Now, before you think we’re insane (although we probably are), you should know that we got 150 yards of 3 different colours of tulle. The intent is to use them together, either braided or draped, to emulate our wedding colours.

This is what 450 yards of tulle looks like

This is what 450 yards of tulle looks like

I decided that at least for part of it, I wanted tulle flowers as accent points (and to cover staples and whatnot). It took some searching, but I found exactly what I was looking for in this tutorial on Chasing Paper Dreams. I followed it fairly closely except instead of doing a single layer of tulle for each petal, I nested a smaller dark blue petal inside a larger light blue one.

I started the thread partway through one of the shorter sides

Weaved it through close to the edge all the way around

Using the same thread as the other petals, I pulled it up tight to them

Following the same procedure as the blue petal, I just made sure to pull the light blue petal tight over top of the darker blue one

The Final Product

The Final Product

The final product used nearly 2 feet of tulle of each colour, which is pretty crazy. Fortunately, with 150 yards to work with, I don’t think a dozen or two of them will really make much of a dent.

If I start now, and do one a week, I will have 16 in time for the wedding. Since the goal is 17, that’s close, but not much room for error. So I guess it turns into “make as many as possible as quickly as possible”. At least they’re not hard to make!


4 thoughts on “All It Takes Is The Right Tulle

  1. So pretty! I learned how to make a fabric flower a couple months ago and considered making them for my wedding, and then I think I laughed out loud at myself. You are so awesome for creating these beauties for your big day! I can’t wait to see what they look like all together!

    • Thanks! And I don’t think I’d be making them myself if I had to make more than 20. They take much longer than it seems like they should. Although that may be partially due to the fact that I make them while watching tv…

  2. […] and if nothing else, this wedding has been an outlet for that. I have completed 5 out of 16 tulle flowers, and have plans underway for a ribbon wall, not to mention the list of 2 dozen things I also want […]

  3. […] mentioned (briefly) in a previous blog that we have a lot of tulle. Where “a lot of tulle is a gross understatement”. Imagine my shock when I discovered […]

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