Bridal Earrings

In nearly 4 months, I will be somebody’s wife. I will have a husband.  I am stunned, excited, nervous and stressed that the day has been creeping so close. I can’t wait to marry my partner, but I also can’t handle the amount of things that remain on the todo list. It is a constant battle to keep checking things off, and to not look ahead and get stressed at everything remaining.

But checking things off, I am! Just this weekend, I sat down with all my jewelry making supplies and inspiration struck! This was no mean feat, this epiphany only occurred after hours of brainstorming in my head and scrolling through “bridal pearl earrings” on pinterest. None of them seemed right though. Only a few were even close.

Sometimes it just takes putting the problem in front of you. I held the gorgeous pearls that I bought specifically for this purpose (they match the colour of my dress!) in my hands and thought about it. In the end, once I started out with a basic idea, it turned out that that was all that was needed.

2013-04-08 22.32.07

See? Aren’t they lovely?

These beauties are made from sterling silver, labradorite and pearls. Labradorite, though it may not be captured well in this picture, is kind of grey-translucent, but also has a purple sheen depending on the light.

They are the only earrings–maybe the only thing in general–that I’ve ever made that I keep bringing out to look at. They make me happy. So even if they don’t quite match the dress (I haven’t really decided yet), I’ll probably wear them anyway.

2013-04-08 22.33.41

I couldn’t resist putting in another picture

What’s your favourite thing that you’ve ever made?


2 thoughts on “Bridal Earrings

  1. I LOVE labradorite! They are gorgeous!

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