Knitting Basics – Supplies

A friend who just got into knitting was asking me about what supplies I use, and I realized it would be a perfect blog topic. Why? Because just like anything, the right combination of supplies can make it that much more enjoyable.


It all starts with a bag. Now you can use a regular bag, to basically the same effect, but I love this one. Not only is it pretty, but it’s practical.


Look at all that stuff it holds! It has little pouches on the sides, and fits 3 regular sized balls of yarn, as well as some extra polyfil. And it has one other, extra useful, feature.


See how the yarn comes out of the hole in the front? It keeps that ball of yarn under control and not rolling across the floor (which is a frequent issue for me). My only qualm with this is it doesn’t work as well if the bag is full, because there’s too much friction against the other contents of the bag. Maybe if I put the rest of the yarn and such into one of those clear plastic bags (the kind you get in the veggie section of the grocery store)…hmmm…

What’s that other thing in the picture? Well, it’s called a “knitting hoodie” and it keeps those needles protected so a) they don’t jab a hole through your lovely knitting bag and b) the project doesn’t fall off. It’s pretty much the most genius thing ever.


And last, but certainly not least, is my knitting case.


Isn’t it beautiful? It holds all my dpn’s, crochet hooks, and cable needles, as well as…


Tapestry needles (excellent for weaving in loose ends), stitch markers (nearly essential for knitting in the round), and that weird round thing is a yarn cutter. Get one. Seriously. It slices through yarn like it’s butter, and still protects clumsy fingers from all those sharp edges.

Oh yes, and since I almost never knit anything on straight needles anymore, this is what has happened to them.


Rejected in an elastic band. However, I’ve heard of much better systems that involve taping each pair together with what size they are, which I will hopefully one day implement. It’s a lot easier than going back and wondering “hmmm, what size is this?” and trying to hold a ruler up to the needle. I may or may not have resorted to this on multiple occasions.

Where did I get all these lovely things? You can get the knitting bag and needle hoodie from DianaCouture over on etsy. The Della Q knitting case came from a local knitting store, but if you head over to Della Q you can buy it direct or find your own local retailer. The yarn cutter was from a local knitting store as well, but I’m sure it’s available all over the place–even lion brand carries it! The tapestry needles and stitch markers were from Michaels, and really aren’t anything special. (If you don’t want to shell out the money for stitch markers, you could always just use a scrap of yarn that’s very differently coloured than everything else. You just have to make sure you can detach it after you’re done with your project.)

As for the needles themselves, I’ve picked up quite a few of them from thrift stores, and it’s a good way to go for cheap needles.

You can find what I’ve made using all these awesome supplies over at ravelry–including what I’m working on right now!

What are your favourite knitting supplies?


2 thoughts on “Knitting Basics – Supplies

  1. This is a great post 😀 I’m just starting out at knitting so it is useful to find out the tools of the trade! Thanks for sharing 😀

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