Good news! Wedding shoes!

So, planning a wedding is stressful. The goal here was not to stress about it too much, but I have definitely failed that one several times over at this point. The good news is, it looks like we have a caterer and someone to make a wedding cake. The catch is, we’ve never tasted their wares, and won’t for at least another month or two. But the internet says they’re good, so it must be true. The internet is never wrong. Never.

What’s the other good news? I found wedding shoes. Not just any wedding shoes, but exactly the shoes I wanted. I spent a week researching. I wanted flats. I wanted them to be blue (mostly because I like blue, not because I was even thinking about my “something blue”). I wanted them to have peep toes because if I’m going to go to the effort and expense of getting a pedicure before I get married, there’s no point in hiding it in a pair of shoes. And I’m kind of loathe to spend a ton of money on shoes, so I didn’t want to spend more than $100 on them.

I was almost ready to give up.

It was out of desperation that we ventured into a thrift store. I didn’t have much hope of finding anything. I was ready to compromise, give in, just get something that worked.

And then I saw them.


What’s this? Blue? Peep toe? Flat? $9.99??

Yes, I found my bridal shoes at a thrift store, and I couldn’t be more thrilled. They had some chunky fake stone piece attached to the front of the shoe, which I took off. But removing it leaves me with the bow and some weird black dots. The bow won’t come off without possibly damaging the shoe, but it’s kind of cute. Nonetheless, those black dots appear to be done with sharpie–they are not coming off (not even with acetone–I guess the internet isn’t always right, crap!).

I am now left in a dilemma. I’m not sure what to do to fix them. Nail polish? Just hide the dots with a shoe clip? I am inclined towards making a pretty shoe clip, but I’m not sure how to a) work it in with the bow or b) make it big enough that it covers the bow, without it concealing the shoe itself. And I really want to show them off.

This is a plea for ideas–any and all will be welcomed and pondered!


6 thoughts on “Good news! Wedding shoes!

  1. journey to orange living

    Nice find! Maybe you could take off the small bow and make a shoe clip or bow like this$(KGrHqNHJCkFBkpTmhiJBQbGuvcWwg~~60_35.JPG except put it closer to the toe? If it were big enough, it could cover both the dots and the spot where the tied bow is.

  2. I have no crafty suggestions, but they’re totally cute and congratulations on the price tag! I’m dreading trying to find yellow wedding shoes myself, so I’m happy to know there’s someone that I can complain to!

  3. […] those of you who don’t remember, or are new readers (yay!), I found my wedding shoes at a thrift store several months ago. They were exactly what I wanted, except for two teensy little […]

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