My First Wedding Photo Shoot

I have discovered a talent that I did not suspect of myself. I discovered that I missed my true calling as a wedding photographer.

A Penguin Wedding

However, it helped that I had such wonderfully photogenic subjects.

Penguin Love

Yes, they were a dream to work with. We can only aspire to a love as pure and adorable as theirs. (If you’d like to see more photos of this beautiful wedding, head over to my flickr account!)

This small scale wedding was super fun to put together. With the help of my partner, we made a backdrop of paper, and used stuffing for the snow. I had several tiny penguins (and one tiny snowman) as the guests, and a large snowman to marry them.

Penguin Wedding Setup


Part of my motivation to do this was the yearly contest over at mochimochiland. The other part of it was just because it was awesome, and I had all the penguins/snowmen all ready anyway.

This weekend also marked the beginning of the holiday season. Which meant that we got to break out the decorations! To my dismay, I discovered that we do not have sufficient decorations for our little home, and I may have to get a bit crafty to fix that problem…what a shame, right?

So what are your favourite things about the holiday season? Do you have any favourite holiday crafts you’d care to share?



12 thoughts on “My First Wedding Photo Shoot

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  3. Hi! Susie sent me over from
    What a wonderful couple you photographed!!

  4. Hi, Susie sent me… this looks like great fun to do, you definitely missed your calling! 🙂

  5. Susie sent me over – what a hoot! Did your couple sign a pre-nup? 😉

  6. Susie sent me. Very cute post — a match made in… the living room?

  7. This is a total crack up! Love it! All of a sudden, Christmas appears to be just around the corner!
    Thanks for coming to the party!

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