On Dreams

Last night I had a dream that I was getting married. In fact, it was my wedding day, and I was getting married at my old university. Sounds alright, right? Yes, it was, until I discovered that none of our bridesmaids had dresses. Unthinkable! So the fiance, the bridesmaids and I all piled in the car to go shopping. The biggest issue? I’m already wearing my wedding dress! I am sitting in the passenger seat, covering my dress with a blanket in the hopes of keeping it a secret from the driver. That dream sequence ended right about the time I realized we had been driving a few miles with my train sticking out of the car door.

And do you know what I surmised about the dream? I am stressed about the wedding. Shocking, right?

There are other types of dreams though, other than the insane ones my head makes up while I’m sleeping (believe me, that one was practically normal compared to the usual). I have discovered that I have dreams that I didn’t anticipate.

Starting this blog has re-introduced me to my creative side, in a whole new way. Sharing what I’ve done, maybe having it help or interest someone else, it’s been wonderful. I’m finding that the more I explore my more artistic side–all the baking, jewelry making and knitting–the more I wish I had the time and energy to do even more of it.

Because I have another dream, that seems very far off right now. And that is to open my very own etsy store. What would I sell? Who knows. Would anybody buy it? Well..that’s debatable. But it’s something I want more than I would’ve thought a year ago. I think I have some fairly good and creative ideas…but my skills need refining to be actually sellable. So all that’s between me and my dream is free time. Which isn’t around in abundance. Did I mention I’m trying to plan a wedding right now?

So, I’m setting a goal: if I survive this wedding planning, that’s what’s next.

What is your crazy (or not so crazy) dream?


3 thoughts on “On Dreams

  1. Hah! I’ve been having wedding nightmares too, even wrote a blog post about it!


    It’s funny, I don’t FEEL too stressed about it all but I guess I am if I’m having nightmares about it! When’s your wedding?

  2. It’s still over 8 months away! Concerning, I know. However, I have been very stressed about booking things, since we only got engaged in September (I hear most people have 1.5 years to plan) and we’re getting married during the “busiest wedding month”. Hopefully it’ll calm down soon! I hope your dreams start being among the non-nightmare variety soon!

  3. […] months ago, I wrote about dreams, specifically how I wanted to open an etsy store. However, it seems the longer I thought on the […]

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